Wedding Invitations That Will Rock Your World

Wedding invitations

Opinions about what makes a great wedding invitation are as diverse as who makes great music and which of should be played at a wedding. You may prefer the music of the grunge-launched 21 Pilots or the raw style of the Weekenders band over Taylor Swift just as much as you prefer edgy invitations over creamy cardstock creations of lace and gold foil.

Conventional wisdom once maintained that wedding invitation etiquette was to be strictly followed, with no straying from some fairly hard set rules. I. Not any more.

Engaged couples who want to announce their wedding owe it to themselves to create the kind of invitation that reflects their own lifestyles. The best advice anyone can give a modern couple is to make the invitation reflective of their personalities and style, however quirky, relaxed or insouciant they might be.

Invitations aren’t required to duplicate out-dated norms that have little appeal for today’s modern brides and grooms — or their guests. No one has to adhere to white or cream embossed invitations that create discord with the couple’s style, no matter how badly the mothers of the marrying couple want invitations like they dreamed of for their own weddings.

Instead, make your own music and create the kind of wedding invitation that will rock your world. Just as form follows function, let your lifestyle dictate the wedding invitation style. There is no end to the amount of variation in contemporary wedding invitations, and your guests who know you well and love you for who you are, will appreciate your authenticity.

contemporary weddingUse hobbies

What you do in your spare time makes you unique. Share your love of indie music or scrapbooking by incorporating your hobby into the theme of your invitation. Your invitations can mimic the vinyl records of yesteryear or you can add stickers, stamps and decals.

Map it out

Where did you meet? Where are you having your wedding and reception? Use a map of the area as the background of your wedding invitation and write your invitation wording across the top.

Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story, and yours is one your wedding guests will want to hear. Your invitation can be the vehicle for telling the story of how you met or got engaged, whether you provide a graphic comic book or develop a mini-book.

Establish the event

No one ever said your wedding invitation had to be a particular shape — or size, for that matter. Think about posters for plays, sporting events and even rock concerts. The larger size of these announcements lends itself to visual design elements you might not normally consider for an invitation, including bold coloring, large-scale lettering and

Best of all, the framed poster makes a reminder of just how unique your wedding invitations — and your life together — can be.

You may rock your guests’ world, but it’s most important that you rock your own.