Thai silk wedding invitation box

Discover Luxury Handmade Wedding Boxes, Couture Invitations, Wedding Folder & Personalised Silk Cosmetic Bag Creations Of Prestige Creations

Discover the endless possibilities of handmade silk wedding invitations, wedding folder, silk folios, linen invitations, lace invitations and high end wedding boxes with rhinestone brooches featuring silk, velvet and linen. Prestige Creations is a factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand designing and manufacturing high end wedding invitations, wedding boxes, boxed wedding invitations, wedding stationary and unique silk gift bags since 2006. Their creative products have been exported to all over the world with big wholesale demand in USA, Australia, UAE and South Africa. Prestige Creations Co.,Ltd. has a passion to permanently create new wedding invitations and has been setting trends in the wedding invitation industry ever since.
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Luxury wedding box

Why go for a simple wedding box when you can go luxury wedding boxes

Weddings are such a special and grand event for an entire family. Even the distant relatives are excited for a wedding in the family. When weddings are such notable occasions then why should your wedding box be ordinary? Wedding boxes have always been in use but now luxury wedding boxes are in fashion. It can give a grand feel to the entire wedding. There are a number of designers who can provide you with the best wedding boxes. Luxury wedding boxes mean that the box must be chic, stylish and a trendsetter.
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Hand-made wedding invitation boxes

What makes handmade boxes so special?

There is a certain charm to giving someone a gift which is handmade. The effort and time that a person puts in making that gift cannot be compared to even the costliest gift item. Handmade boxes can be used as wedding as wedding invitation boxes or favor boxes. Handmade boxes are unique because they can be personalized according to different people. They can have different themes or color according to the preference of the person.

Nothing beats receiving a gift with your favorite things being drawn or embossed on it. Such handmade boxes can become a memorable item. They are not just momentarily kept and forgotten. Even after many years people will still remember the customized handmade box that was given to them. Each handmade box will be unique in its own way. Anyone can go to a store and buy a bulk manufactured item. There is nothing distinctive about it.

Wedding invitations can be given in handmade boxes. There are a number of websites which can make the perfect luxury wedding box for you. The process of giving out wedding cards can be a really monotonous affair. On the other hand, if the guests are given handmade wedding boxes you can see the different reactions in every one. Receiving a personalized box will tend to make the person surprised and touched at the same time.

There are so many designs and varieties that can be created. They can be selected on your preference. Even the fabric of the boxes can be styled according to your taste. Wedding invitations are usually thrown away once the event is over. Whereas in the case of handmade boxes no one would willingly throw away something made with so much love and thought. The thought which is put into making a box is what counts.

With handmade boxes the creativity of the people is reflected. It is necessary that the creativity and skills of these people be appreciated. There are so many ways to decorate a box that the first time it is seen it can really be fascinating. Handmade boxes can be made with a lid or without it. With a lid the contents of the box can be protected. Handmade boxes are often used as wedding favor boxes. With just a little thought and imagination, handmade boxes can become something to be cherished. A homemade wedding box can also add to the grandeur of your wedding. Nothings spells luxurious like a handmade wedding box.

Avoid Getting Boxed in with Wedding Invitation Boxes

Young brides today can spend what their dads may think is a small fortune on luxury wedding invitations; these couture invitations have often been lovingly hand-crafted to convey just how important the wedding date is.

Silk or satin envelopes can suggest how prestigious the event will be, but delivering embellished luxury wedding invitations in a special wedding invitation box is practically required.

If you too have chosen luxury wedding invitations, their presentation to your guests is everything, and here’s why.
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Wedding Invitation Boxes

How to Choose a Memorable Wedding Gift

How to Choose a Memorable Wedding Gift

A wedding is the ultimate special occasion, and something so wonderful demands an equally great present. Being the guest at a wedding is a great honor, and it is important to choose a gift that expresses both your relationship with the bride and groom and the nature of the celebration.

Choosing a memorable wedding gift is no easy feat. While the bride and groom will no doubt appreciate everything they receive on their special day, they may not remember who gave them what a few years down the line. If you want your own wedding gift to be remembered, you may need to look beyond the registry and find something that is as special as the love you are celebrating.

Make it Personal
Personalized wedding gifts are increasingly popular, and for good reason. Personalized gifts are memorable by design, and a great way to provide the bride and groom with something unique and useful. Our personal #1 wedding gift boxes are silk gift boxes and silk favor boxes featured on

Velvet Wedding Invitation Boxes
Velvet Wedding Invitation Box Idea From

An engraved wine chiller and a set of glasses and a bottle of wine labeled with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the ceremony are sure to be remembered long after the wedding is over and all the thank you notes have been written. Giving a personal gift is a wonderful way to show how much you care and how much thought you put into choosing the perfect present.

Make it Special
Your wedding gift will not stand out if it is just like everyone else’s. Twenty years from now the bride and groom may not remember who gave them the gravy boat, but they will remember the thoughtful guest who provided a day of pampering at the local spa or a relaxing couples’ massage.

Giving a special gift that was hand selected for the happy couple is one of the best ways to ensure your generosity will be remembered and appreciated. If you know the bride and groom well enough to be invited to the wedding, you probably understand what they like. Use that knowledge to choose a gift that is truly special.

Every wedding is different, and every couple is unique. The key to choosing a memorable wedding gift is understanding what the bride and groom value. The more you know about their tastes and preferences, the easier it will be to choose a gift they will remember for a lifetime.


Wedding Invitation Box

Luxurious Couture Style Wedding Card Boxes

When thinking about wedding invitations, favors, and other stuff, you can select from the variety of wedding card boxes available today. The thing is, at times, it is the simplest option that will work best for your occasion. Thus, don’t spend too much time agonizing about unique wedding card boxes for invitations. This article will provide you creative ideas to make your own wedding boxes to fill with invitations, favors, cards, and many more.

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk wedding invitation box

Floral Double
Utilize a cube style box and wrap with beautiful ribbon. Make sure to check out paper and silk flowers online or from your local craft store. Search for two flowers that you can layer over each other, for example, a flat daisy may be combined with a rose on the top. Ensure that the bottom flower has the same width as the box, while the top one should have similar width as the center of the flower in the bottom.

Beautiful Butterflies
Silk invitation boxes go well with elegant, yet simple wedding. Just use a plain cube and wrap with a nice ribbon, present style. Place a feather butterfly or pretty fabric on top to complement your wedding theme and colors.


For wedding cake gift boxes, select a symmetrical box shape, like rectangle, square or round. Buy a square punch in two different sizes and cards that go with the color of your preferred favor boxes. Make sure to pick coordinating hues, like pink and cream. Utilize the punches to create two squares, one each from the two distinct colors. The bigger square must come from the coordinating color, while the smaller square should come from similar color card as your box. Appropriately layer the two cuts together – the small square on large and middle on the top of your box. After positioning them, glue a pearl or small flat gem in the center.
Select a medium sized satin ribbon in a matching color and wrap it around your favor boxes. Put the two ends jointly and tie in a bow style. Utilize some card in a matching hue, then cut out squares and use a decorative punch to create a shape in the center. Use beads and a small piece of craft wire; thread the beads on the craft wire and tag on at the back of the square that you cut out initially. You now have an attractive cut out shape with cute bead pieces in the center. Attach this to your wedding invitation boxes with double sided tape, ensuring that you also affixed it to the ribbon to hold it securely in place.

Classic Monograms
If you are into arts, you can create a wedding monogram on your pc, or you can also draw it freehand. Incorporate your wedding date below and if there is still space, you can also add a small motif. Cut them out to go well with the shape of your wedding favor boxes, cutting them about 2mm smaller and append to the lid of the boxes. Only use card that has similar color as your favor boxes.
Final Note
There are variety of styles and designs that you can use as inspiration when it comes to wedding card boxes. Research online and you’ll surely find the best boxes for your big day! Check out this luxury collection of boxed wedding invitation from Thailand

Luxury boxes and folios for your invitations

Luxury Silk Boxes Are A Great Way To Celebrate & Memorialize Your Wedding Invitations

When preparing for your wedding, you always think about the special people in your life that you would like to be a part of your big day. You also choose a keepsake to give to your guests for them to remember that they were part of the most special moment of your life.

A great way to celebrate and memorialize your wedding is to send invitations that represent you and your partner’s personality. And the best option when it comes to wedding invitations is to look for wholesale silk invitation boxes that will serve as one of the wonderful memento gifts to your wedding guests.

The Silk Materials
Different types of silk are widely available in the market today. When it comes to silk invitation boxes, the options include Chinese, Dupioni, Italian, Thai, and faux silk. Keep in mind that each of these materials has their own distinct properties and furnishes specific theme, feel, and look to the invitation boxes. Choose a silk that represent your style, taste, and your budget.

Chinese Silk – This is the most popular when it comes to silk fabric. Chinese silk is machine woven for the most part, giving smooth with a satin-like end product. Note that this material is more costly than Dupioni or Thai silk, though generally more affordable than the Italian silk.
Dupioni Silk – Dupioni stands for double. This silk is generally made in India and collected when silkworms spin and twirl very close to one another, creating weaker silk yarn with unequal slubs at random hiatus. This material has brusque and crisp look, and its texture is uneven and rough with a dull luster. Dupioni when used in wedding invitation boxes furnishes a softer but more creased look.
Italian Silk – This is the most expensive of all the silk materials in the world. In fact, an Italian silk tie comes with a price ranging from $60 to $100 or higher.
Thai Silk – This silk material is available in two textures, nubby and smooth. It is woven either by machine or hand. Thai silk has slightly knotty threads with course texture and soft feel. This material is exotic, and with good aftercare method can last hundreds of years.
Faux Silk – If you wish to also wrap your wedding reception favor boxes with silk material, consider using faux silk. This is made using 100% polyester fibers, and comes with satiny texture. It blends the appeal of silk with the ease of care and durability of the polyester material. This material is readily available in the market.

Styles and Designs
Wholesale silk invitation boxes come in various styles and designs. You can select from the attached or loose lip, pocket styles, or folio. For the reason that silk is dyed easily, you can select from hundreds of hues and colors and you may even opt for two-tone shades. You can also go for silk custom dyed to complement your wedding theme very well.
When it comes to embellishments to add exquisiteness and elegance to your invitation boxes, you can append closures, ribbons, buckles, broaches, monograms, or silk flowers to the silk material. Click here to discover a large collection of completely hand-made silk invitations including hundreds boxes designs.

New wedding invitations collection

Luxury Wedding Invitations From PRESTIGE CREATIONS

Creative hand-crafted wedding invitations, there is nothing more luxury than this!

Wedding invitations can be ordered online in endless sizes and styles, but the quality and uniqueness of a product designed by PRESTIGE CREATIONS is special.
Our designer were once again very creative over the last 5 days working on new ideas for you.
Inspired by fabrics like 100% silk, velvet and floral lace fabrics our designer have now finished a quiet remarkable new collection that will be featured on our websites in the next days.
High quality, new look and feel and luxurious presentation effect where a view aspects our designer had in mind during the creation process of the collection.
You can check out first new products over here:
If you have wholesale inquiries just drop us a line.

wedding favor boxes



Box covered in brocade silk for wedding invitation cards

Style up your luxury wedding invitations with this brocade silk wedding invitation box

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk covered box for wedding invitation

We came recently across this luxury looking brocade silk at our silk fabric supplier.
Hours later we had created first mock-up samples and later on a small collection of brocade silk wedding invitation designs. Just like below hinged lid invitation box we have been doing as well two door invitation boxes and boxes with flat padded lid. Besides this silk was used to cover our book folder as well as gate fold invitation designs. basically we can use this fabric for any of our original designs replacing Thai silk with brocade silk and arranging the embellishment the way you like it.
All made available now for wholesale by our factory in all sizes and formats.
Get in touch with us and let’s discuss what we can manufacture to make the announcement of your big day unforgettable.
Wholesale prices starting from only USD 5.00/box!
 Find Out More About This Brocade Box For Wedding Invitation Here


Mulberry Paper Wedding Invitation Box

Hand-Crafted Mulberry Paper Invitations

The paper mulberry also known as Saa paper is a tree in the Moracea family, which is native to eastern Asia. Its other names include Kozo, Halibun, Tapacloth tree, and Kalivon.

The bark of this tree is made up of very firm fibers, and can be utilized for creating high-quality paper. The tender twigs and leaves can serve and feed deer, thus this tree is at times called as the “Deer’s Tree”. A Fijan term “Masi” was used to delineate the paper mulberry trees, which was transported to the Pacific during journeys of migration. Its bark is employed to create cloth and then colored or dyed and embellished with traditional patterns. The finished cloth is used and worn during several Fijian ceremonies, to include funerals, weddings, and even after the birth of a new baby.

Wedding Flowers
If you are thinking about using mulberry paper in your wedding, you’ll be delighted to know that there are many convincing reasons why you should do so. The number one reason is that flowers made from mulberry paper will not wilt or die before the wedding even begins. Real flowers if not received and arranged on the day of the wedding can wilt or die for the reason that they have very limited life span and they need cool temperature to survive. Therefore, if you don’t have a place with the right temperature for real flowers to live, expect that they won’t look as pretty and glamorous on your wedding day.

Another significant reason is that almost any kind of flower that you desire to see on your wedding will grace your special day if you use the Saa paper flowers. Your options will not be narrowed down on which flower is blooming on that particular season. If roses is your bet during the winter season, even if they are still not in full bloom, all you need to do is to search an online store that offer mulberry paper roses.

Wedding Invitations
When it comes to invitations, you can choose from the variety of colors that this paper is available to suit your wedding theme. Whether you’ll have the traditional church wedding, a sophisticated beach wedding, or something out of the ordinary, you’ll sure find the perfect color to achieve the look and feel from your silk invitation boxes that you want your guests to experience. You may even try to ask your preferred provider if they can give you the mulberry paper in bi-color.
Examples here


Mulberry Paper Wedding Invitation Box
Mulberry Paper Wedding Invitation Box

Since you are preparing your invitations months or weeks in advance of the big day, you’ll be glad to know that the mulberry paper when used in invitations will stay in good condition. That’s why even if you are sending out your wedding invitation boxes in another state or country, you’ll be confident that your invitations will get to your guests good as new.

Keeping it Green
Since there are no pesticides used on Saa paper tree, you are guaranteed that nobody from your guests will have a reaction to this material due to toxins and poisons with pesticides. Even the dye applied in most mulberry paper is created from all natural ingredients, so they can’t hurt you and others even if the material runs and gets on your skin.

Find latest wedding invitation trend designs including wedding invitation boxes & hand-made folio invitations here