3 Unique Ideas To Get You Started With Asian And Oriental Home Decor!

Asian decor cushion cover

There’s nothing like Asian decor to liven up a room, and give it a unique style and flair. Too often, we don’t think about how our surroundings affect us. The decoration of your home, office, or business is important.

One of the best ways to decorate your home or business is with Asian decor from Prestige Creations. We offer silk cushions and silk pillows, and so much more at our Asian decor wholesale website.

Not sure how to begin with Asian and Oriental home decor? We can help! Read on for 3 unique ideas that are sure to inspire you. Then, shop for everything you need, directly from Prestige Creations!!

1. Decorate A Sitting Room With Silk Cushions And A Low Table

In many Eastern cultures, such as Japan, chairs are typically not used for relaxing, sitting at tables, or dining. Instead, most people sit directly on the floor, or on silk cushions.

If you’re looking for a unique way to use space in your home, an Asian-inspired sitting room is a fantastic choice. It’s also very inexpensive, because you will not have to buy much furniture!

You’ll want to start with a Chabudai. These short-legged tables are very popular in Japan, and are ideal for sitting on the floor. Then, you can buy a Tatami mat, usually made of reeds, to use as a floor covering.

Finally, you’ll want some kind of cushions to sit on. Most Japanese people do not use cushions, but if you are not used to sitting on the floor, you’ll definitely want some silk pillows!

2. Asian-Inspired Office Decorations

Whether you work at an office building or at a home office, you have plenty of choices when it comes to decorating your workspace.

A great, subtle way to do so is with silk picture frames from Prestige Creations. Our silk photo frames come in a number of sizes – and at our Thai decor factory, our natural and organic silk is manufactured to highest quality standards.

If you want to liven things up a bit more, you can also buy hemp or silk fabrics directly from us in a number of colors. Hanging these textiles on your office wall will add a splash of color and visual interest!

3. Redo Your Solarium Or Screened-In Porch With Asian Textiles

We offer a variety of products that are suitable for indoor/outdoor use, such as our silk and reed runner mats. These mats are ideal for use as a carpet or mat in a screened-in porch or solarium.

You can also add some more visual interest and color by placing one of our silk table lamps in your solarium, or investing in several silk pillows or pillowcases. With plenty of beautiful, naturalistic designs to choose from, you’ll find the right one for your solarium!

Shop Asian Decor From Prestige Creations Now!

Whether you are interested in silk pillows, picture frames, or just raw silk and hemp materials, you can trust us to deliver the best Asian decor wholesale products. Order now, and see the Prestige Creations difference!