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New 2019 Products Of Packaging Bags & Packaging Boxes Available

The last view month Prestige Creations continued renovating the factory including car park and warehouse. Furthermore we have been working on new products for our clients, mainly eco bags, jewelry bags and packaging boxes. Continue reading “New 2019 Products Of Packaging Bags & Packaging Boxes Available”

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The Environmental Benefits of Using Eco Bags, or Cotton and Linen Bags

These days, more and more people are aware of the environmental challenges facing the world. Whether it’s limited our use of plastics, using public transportation or walking when possible, or any number of other eco-friendly lifestyle choices, being environmentally responsible is finally fashionable.
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Asian decoration designs

Exotic, Beautiful, And Versatile – How You Can Use Asian Decor In Your Home Or Business!

At Prestige Creations, we manufacture and design a huge variety of Asian-inspired products, such as decorative cushions, textiles, throws, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous set of bedsheets, a new blanket, or any other textile, we’ve got the best selection of Asian products – all manufactured for utmost quality in Thailand.

Need some inspiration, and to see how you can use our products in your home, or in your hospitality business? Take a look at some of our ideas for using our products now – and start shopping today!
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The beauty of silk shawls made in Thailand

Silk shawls are an object of desire for so many people. A person who owns a good quality silk shawl can be envied by all. It is a known fact that the best quality silk shawls are obtained from Thailand. There are many manufacturers who proclaim that their shawl is made of 100 percent silk. Most of these sellers are actually lying to get their items sold so you must be careful while buying. When searching online for Thai silk shawls it is very easy to get duped by the fake promises.

There are so many uses of silk shawls. They can be worn around the neck when the weather becomes a little chilly. Thai silk shawls are extremely soft and light to carry. While travelling Thai silk shawls can be substituted for heavy sweaters and cardigans which just add to the luggage weight. Thai silk shawls don’t weigh too much yet at the same time provide a lot of warmth. NOVICA works in collaboration with National Geographic to give a boost to the local weavers and artisans of Thailand. They allow their work to be bought and sold on a global platform.

There is a lot of effort which is put into making silk. The Thai silkworms have to be reared first. Since silkworms are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment they have to be bred with a lot of care. Once the silk material is made it is then dyed. This is why the cost of Thai silk shawls is higher than other material shawls. Those who have bought Thai silk shawls claim that the money they’ve spent on it is totally worth it. The feeling of luxury and comfort provided by the silk shawls is unlike anything else.

The silk shawls made in Thailand are hand woven. When silk is hand woven it means each and every fabric of the silk is different from the other. This is not possible with silk which is machine woven. What differentiates Thai silk from other varieties of silk is that Thai silk has a certain gloss to it. Since there are two blends present in the material, when viewed from different angles the color will appear dissimilar. The easiest way to identify a real Thai silk shawl is by doing a simple test on it. If the fabric of the silk passes through a ring smoothly it is genuine Thai silk. Artificial silk will tend to rough up and creases will appear.

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The decadence and grandeur of silk shawls

Those who keep themselves updated about the recent fashion trends will be aware that layering is in vogue these days. Layering can now be done with the help of beautiful silk shawls. The last few years have seen has revival of silk shawls. A silk shawl can add an element of grandeur to your clothes.

Silk shawls have become popular amongst all fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Famous fashion houses like Gucci and Saint Laurent have also started using silk shawls in their latest collections. Silk shawls can be worn in a number of ways. It can be worn around the neck or even be used as a belt. There are various ways of wrapping a shawl around the neck. It can be worn as a half bow style. Just by carrying a silk shawl a person can look polished.

In winters silk shawls are the perfect thing to keep you warm and fuzzy. The best part about silk shawls is that they are not heavy at all unlike other scarves and shawls. They are actually the best of both worlds. Light on the body, yet provides immense warmth. Silk on its own has thermal properties. These properties have been retained in the shawl. This is how it helps in keeping a person extra warm in winters.

There are so many designs of silk shawls to choose from. When you have to choose a silk shawl, a design which is chic and modern would be best. This can be used with different outfits and for different occasions. Though a shawl may give an impression of a big and large cloth material there are different sizes of shawls available.

Silk shawls can also be used a gift option. This is the perfect gift for people of all age. It is meaningful and useful at the same time. A silk shawl can be a very thoughtful gift. It is better than giving something which will hardly be used.

The material of silk shawls is so soft on the body that there is no possibility of any reaction or allergies. There are some clothes materials which are rough on the skin and may even cause rashes. You can be assured silk shawls will never cause any problems on your skin. These can be used add a pop of color to your clothes. This is one of the most versatile layering options for both men and women.

Valentine's Day

Five Things You Don’t Know About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where you can show people just how much you care about them. During this time of year there is a significant increase in chocolate sales and sappy, lovey-dovey cards, but there is more to this holiday than rampant consumerism. No matter if you hate or love this holiday, here are five things that you probably didn’t know about Valentine’s Day.

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Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss 

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss
Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss

Many people think it’s tacky to give your boss a gift. They say it makes you look like the office suck-up. Still, there are occasions when a gift is appropriate. You could be having an office romance with the boss, you could need to bribe them for a promotion or extra time off, or you could realize you’ve committed some ghastly work-related mistake and don’t want to get fired.

Your boss won’t expect gifts so they’re likely to view yours with great suspicion and presume you have ulterior motives, which you probably do. Don’t spend a lot of money on the gift or they’ll think you’re overpaid — think of something inexpensive to amuse your boss. Here are some ideas:

1.Make them think by offering them Robert I. Sutton’s book, “Good Boss, Bad Boss”. They’ll wonder which type they are.

2. Many bosses get stressed out from dealing with people like you all day and may indulge in putting golf balls into their waste bin, or partaking of a secret tipple to cope. If you suspect the latter, then a discreet hip flask will show them you know.

3. Alternatively, buy them a bottle of booze for their desk drawer. When your boss’s boss catches them, you may get their job!

4. Sticking with the theme of the over-stressed boss, why not get them a sign that’s marketed as a miraculous stress remedy? Place the sign on a hard surface then follow the simple and concise instructions in the center, which read “Bang Head Here.” Repeat the action until the stress goes away or unconsciousness ensues.

5. Anti-stress toys are useful for the boss’ office. A foam $100 bill is perfect for your boss to take their aggression out on.

6. Homemade heart-shaped cookies are great for romancing the boss.

7. A small, hand-held robot vacuum to clear the mess your boss leaves on the desk is both amusing and useful.

8. If you trust your boss with plants, then choose a mini bonsai garden for them to grow on their desk.

9. A framed photograph of your boss’s favorite employee (you) or of both of you together is a great choice. Of course, there’s no guarantee the boss won’t simply hit it with the $100 foam bill.

10. Finally, what better gift could your boss ever hope to receive than your resignation letter? Make their day and put it into a scented envelope tied with a ribbon.

These are some ideas for gifts to give your boss. Remember, your motives will appear suspect (because they are) and you should expect to suffer mockery from your colleagues, but at least you’ll have a little fun along the way! Our personal favourite are gift boxes from PRESTIGE CREATIONS which come in endless colours and styles.