7 Tips to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

7 Tips to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

A wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life and the whole experience should be fun. However, planning an event as large as a wedding can be stressful, so if you find yourself feeling stressed during the planning stages then follow these seven top tips to reduce wedding planning stress.

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Choosing Wedding Boxes for Invitations and Favours

Choosing Wedding Boxes for Invitations and Favours

When it comes to selecting your wedding boxes for invitations and favours, one provider stands out above all the rest. Celebrities and socially savvy brides and grooms prefer Dennis Wisser for their all their wedding event needs.

Planning your wedding begins with setting the date and finding a venue for the ceremony and reception. With those two tasks taken care of, your next big step is the order your invitations and wedding boxes for the invitations and favours. You’ll likely want to reflect the theme of your wedding celebration in your choices, and you’ll also want to establish the wedding colors.

You’ll also want to make sure your wedding boxes for invitations and favours

are as unique as the two of you and your relationship with each other.

You have plenty of options to create highly individualized couture invitations and even wedding favour boxes if you keep in mind three things.

Shape and size

Wedding boxes come in a variety of sizes, and once you’ve have selected the invitation itself, you’ll want to showcase it for maximum effect. Now is the time to select your invitation wedding boxes.

There are invitation boxes with presentation lids, pads, and folios, as well as pocket folder presentation boxes. Certainly preference comes into play here, but you should select the invitation box that will hold not only your invitation but also the other inserts, such as the RSVP card and envelope, a map, or anything else your guests will need.

Order these handcrafted treasures in the size that will present and protect your luxury invitation.

Your wedding favor boxes can be a drawstrings pouch or a pyramid, but consider the traditional cube shape for formal wedding.

Fabric and colour

Next, select your fabric. Choose from exquisite Thai raw silks, taffetas and even velvet. These natural fabrics suggest sophistication and style, giving your guest the right impression from the beginning.

Each of the sumptuous fabrics is dyed to your colour specifications, so your celebration can come alive in any hue you want.



The final touch for any wedding invitation how it will be presented to the guest. Finishing the invitation box with luxurious satin ribbon, rhinestone and pearl clasps, and even monograms can lend the right touch. Your wedding favour boxes can be embellished the same way, thereby creating a consistent theme from the time your guests receive their invitations to the time they go home at the end of the celebration.

You will impress your guests with the attention to detail you have spent in designing the ultimate wedding boxes for invitations and favours.


Avoid Getting Boxed in with Wedding Invitation Boxes

Young brides today can spend what their dads may think is a small fortune on luxury wedding invitations; these couture invitations have often been lovingly hand-crafted to convey just how important the wedding date is.

Silk or satin envelopes can suggest how prestigious the event will be, but delivering embellished luxury wedding invitations in a special wedding invitation box is practically required.

If you too have chosen luxury wedding invitations, their presentation to your guests is everything, and here’s why.
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Wedding Invitations That Will Rock Your World

Wedding Invitations That Will Rock Your World

Opinions about what makes a great wedding invitation are as diverse as who makes great music and which of should be played at a wedding. You may prefer the music of the grunge-launched 21 Pilots or the raw style of the Weekenders band over Taylor Swift just as much as you prefer edgy invitations over creamy cardstock creations of lace and gold foil.

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Is an Unplugged Wedding Right for You?

Is an Unplugged Wedding Right for You?

Many of the advancements made in technology over the last 10 years have greatly affected society and how people live their lives. It is not uncommon to see cell phones in the hands of all ages and during all occasions. However, the convenience and enjoyment that comes with owning a smart phone also comes with a price: decreased attention span, addictive behavior, and many missed special moments.

The trend of “unplugged weddings” began as most trends do — with celebrities. While some have simply wanted additional privacy, others have sold exclusive wedding photos to popular tabloids and other publications. Even if you aren’t planning on making a large profit off of your professional wedding photographs, it is still a good idea to consider having an unplugged wedding.

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Ten Wedding Mistakes (Oopsies) to Avoid

Ten Wedding Mistakes (Oopsies) to Avoid

When preparing for a wedding, there is nearly an endless supply of things that must be done. However, there are still several small details that may be neglected that could turn the happiest day in a couple’s life sour. This small list should help any would-be wedding planner to cover their tracks, and ensure that their day is as great as they hope it will be.

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Why You Should Plan Your Wedding In Thailand ?

Why You Should Plan Your Wedding In Thailand ?

Couples have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a wedding venue. Many have opted to have their weddings abroad instead of having them back home. Thailand, one of many popular wedding destinations, is an attractive option for those looking to get married overseas. A Thai wedding could be the right choice for you.
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How to Choose a Memorable Wedding Gift

How to Choose a Memorable Wedding Gift

How to Choose a Memorable Wedding Gift

A wedding is the ultimate special occasion, and something so wonderful demands an equally great present. Being the guest at a wedding is a great honor, and it is important to choose a gift that expresses both your relationship with the bride and groom and the nature of the celebration.

Choosing a memorable wedding gift is no easy feat. While the bride and groom will no doubt appreciate everything they receive on their special day, they may not remember who gave them what a few years down the line. If you want your own wedding gift to be remembered, you may need to look beyond the registry and find something that is as special as the love you are celebrating.

Make it Personal
Personalized wedding gifts are increasingly popular, and for good reason. Personalized gifts are memorable by design, and a great way to provide the bride and groom with something unique and useful. Our personal #1 wedding gift boxes are silk gift boxes and silk favor boxes featured on Handbag-Asia.com.

Velvet Wedding Invitation Boxes
Velvet Wedding Invitation Box Idea From Handbag-Asia.com

An engraved wine chiller and a set of glasses and a bottle of wine labeled with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the ceremony are sure to be remembered long after the wedding is over and all the thank you notes have been written. Giving a personal gift is a wonderful way to show how much you care and how much thought you put into choosing the perfect present.

Make it Special
Your wedding gift will not stand out if it is just like everyone else’s. Twenty years from now the bride and groom may not remember who gave them the gravy boat, but they will remember the thoughtful guest who provided a day of pampering at the local spa or a relaxing couples’ massage.

Giving a special gift that was hand selected for the happy couple is one of the best ways to ensure your generosity will be remembered and appreciated. If you know the bride and groom well enough to be invited to the wedding, you probably understand what they like. Use that knowledge to choose a gift that is truly special.

Every wedding is different, and every couple is unique. The key to choosing a memorable wedding gift is understanding what the bride and groom value. The more you know about their tastes and preferences, the easier it will be to choose a gift they will remember for a lifetime.


Five Ways to Prevent Anxiety During Wedding Planning

Five Ways to Prevent Anxiety During Wedding Planning

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life.  Because of all that goes in to wedding planning, it’s natural to experience some stress; however, if a case of nervous jitters turns into full-blown anxiety, you need to take a step back and make some adjustments.  This is especially true if you are prone to getting anxious in challenging situations. 

Keep things in perspective. 

Your wedding day is very special, but you have to remember that it’s just one day.  When you find your wedding planning making you anxious, stop for a minute, relax, and think about what this day represents.  It marks the beginning of your life with the person you love.  Think about your relationship, the special times you’ve shared, and your dreams for the future.

Eat properly, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.

There’s nothing wrong with losing a few pounds but don’t sacrifice proper nutrition to lose a bit of weight.  No matter how busy you are planning your wedding, get an adequate amount of sleep.  In addition, make some room in your busy schedule for exercise; this will release endorphins, those “feel good” chemicals which will help to ward off anxiety.

Set up a budget and stick with it.

Unless you have unlimited funds, you’re going to have to determine in advance how much you have to spend and set up a budget in advance of your planning.  Allocate a specific amount for each category.  In addition, establish a miscellaneous fund for unexpected expenses.  Money can be an anxiety-producing issue while planning a wedding, but it doesn’t have to be if you establish guidelines from the outset.

Don’t try to do everything yourself.

This is your wedding and you want things done your way; however, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.  Delegate some tasks to family members or friends.  Assign a couple of people to write out and mail the invitations and track the RSVPs.   Once you’ve decided on the color and style of your bridesmaids’ dresses, let them be in charge of ordering them and taking care of alterations.  By the same token, have your fiancé ensure that his best man and groomsmen order their tuxes.

Don’t obsess about perfection. 

Nothing in life is perfect, so don’t worry that something will go wrong and ruin your day.  If you’re organized and do a good job planning, everything will go smoothly.  Remember, however, that there are some things you can’t control.  You’re hoping for a great weather, but it may rain the entire day.   If something doesn’t go as planned, you’ll just have to improvise.  For example, suppose the photographer doesn’t show up.  Ask one of your guests who’s a good amateur photographer to take the pictures.

There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding but getting everything done doesn’t have to send you into a tailspin.  Be organized and set up a detailed plan before you get started.  Get together with some friends who’ve been through this before.  Hearing their stories will help you to relax.  Remember that your wedding day is a celebration of the commencement of your marriage; it’s what happens beyond this day that really matters.

Choose luxury wedding invitation boxes. 

If you can afford it you should definitely consider using HANDBAG-ASIA’s luxury wedding invitations. Available are wedding invitation boxes, folio invitations and so much more.
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