3 Unique Ideas To Get You Started With Asian And Oriental Home Decor!

3 Unique Ideas To Get You Started With Asian And Oriental Home Decor!

There’s nothing like Asian decor to liven up a room, and give it a unique style and flair. Too often, we don’t think about how our surroundings affect us. The decoration of your home, office, or business is important.

One of the best ways to decorate your home or business is with Asian decor from Prestige Creations. We offer silk cushions and silk pillows, and so much more at our Asian decor wholesale website.

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Exotic, Beautiful, And Versatile – How You Can Use Asian Decor In Your Home Or Business!

Exotic, Beautiful, And Versatile – How You Can Use Asian Decor In Your Home Or Business!

At Prestige Creations, we manufacture and design a huge variety of Asian-inspired products, such as decorative cushions, textiles, throws, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous set of bedsheets, a new blanket, or any other textile, we’ve got the best selection of Asian products – all manufactured for utmost quality in Thailand.

Need some inspiration, and to see how you can use our products in your home, or in your hospitality business? Take a look at some of our ideas for using our products now – and start shopping today!
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Tips to style your home like a professional interior decorator

Tips to style your home like a professional interior decorator

Home is one place where you can relax after spending a tiring day at the workplace or at school. It is very important that the house seems inviting has a relaxing décor.

  • The first tip to be remembered is that the house ornamentation should not be loud. The color scheme should be soothing to the eyes. The color of the paint can totally change the look of a room. Different rooms can have different wall colors. One mistake that many people make while doing their home décor is that they choose very bright colors. Obviously that does not mean that the room should have no colors. That will just end up making the room look dead.
  • At times due to the way a house is styled, it may look cluttered and tiny. The line between accessorizing your house and turning it into a junk place is blurred for many. To keep the rooms classy and sophisticated go for silk cushions. They can add to the beauty of a room without making it look too bright and garish. The couch arrangement should also be done in such a way that conversation can take place. A U – shaped or H shaped arrangement is the perfect setting.
  • To add a personalized touch to your room a few mementos or handmade items can be kept. A special gift which is close to your heart can be placed somewhere so the memories associated with it are kept alive.
  • Low furniture should be kept in a room which does not have a high ceiling. This will create a sense of fake height. The lighting of a house is also an important element in home décor. There are designer decorative lightings available. A few lamps and chandeliers can be added so that the room looks bright. They should be placed in areas where lighting is actually required.
  • Another important tip is that greenery can also be included in your home décor. The rooms feel fresher when there are a few small potted plants kept.

The most important tip when styling your home is that comfort should be the ultimate aim. If a home is warm and inviting all the home décor items will appear to be in harmony. Each house has its flaws and its strengths. A good home décor is one which is able to hide those flaws and bring out the strengths.

Silk cushions are the perfect element to add style and grandeur to your room

Silk cushions are the perfect element to add style and grandeur to your room

All of us want our houses to look perfect and capture the attention of our guests. A lot of thought has to be put in when decorating a house. Each and every single little home décor item counts. It can add to the allure of a room. At the same time gaudy home décor items can ruin the entire look of a room. One item which is guaranteed to increase the appeal of a room is silk cushions.

Silk cushions can be kept either in your drawing room or in your bedroom. Silk cushions are kept usually on the sofa or the sitting area in the drawing room. When a guest arrives, the first place they would be asked to sit is in the sitting room or the drawing room. On entering the room, the first impression would be to be awed by the beauty of these silk cushions.

There are so many silk cushion designs available. There are so many colors to choose from. They can easily go with any décor. Silk cushions can increase the sophistication of a room. Silk cushions are available in different sizes according to the size of the sofa or bed. If your sofa is a small one, it is better to keep cushions which are smaller in size. For a bedroom on the other hand, large cushions can be kept on the bed.

  • How to arrange Silk cushions

Cushions are an essential part of sofas. Those who have a dull colored sofa can go for bright colored silk cushions. This will add just a little color and vitality in their room. There are a number of ways different cushions can be arranged on a couch. On a large couch there can be multiple cushions. For a person who likes a little quirkiness in their room can go for different designed cushions. Those who want a more mature look can go for a matched cushion set.

While buying cushions there is just one thing to remember. They should never match exactly with the couch. It should never be the exact same print, design and color. This is where silk cushions can help because they will add a different texture wherever it is put. Silk cushions when kept on silk bed sheets can make your room look extremely grand. With the correct design and color silk cushions can also make your room appear more impressive.

Great Collection Of Asian Décor Ideas

Great Collection Of Asian Décor Ideas

Thai Destination Wedding
Thai Destination Wedding

With beautiful fabrics, rich textures, and colors that are full of life, Asian décor ideas capture the imagination of many homeowners like you. Going into a room decorated with Asian theme is like entering a world filled with royal splendor and elegance. However, if you feel like adapting this theme in your own home, you should understand that this majestic appeal comes with a price, so you must be prepared to recompense the expensive decorating bills if this is your preference in home décor.
The great news is that the overall look of your home is always worthy of the price that you have to pay.

For the reason that Asian home décor depends highly on deep, dark colors and rich fabrics, it may not be always beneficial to have your entire house designed with this theme. In reality, using this theme in your whole house can be pretty overwhelming. It is more advantageous to focus to work on one to two rooms with this theme to establish a focal point of interest in your place.

Dining Room
This is one of the greatest parts of the house to start your project. An imperative component of the Asian Culture is drinking tea. Chinese or Japanese tea pots and cups would suit accordingly with the Asian home décor. You can also include bamboo table mats, chopstick holders, and chopsticks. These can serve as significant enhancements in your meal setting.

Your bathroom is another good place in the house where you can integrate some Asian décor ideas. Remember that the Asian theme comes with relaxing accents, which can be employed in the bathroom and which serve the objective of eliminating the stresses and problems of the day. Consider water proof calligraphy, candles, figurines, and a variety of Asian artwork. Even a small fountain in the bathroom can showcase Asian décor that is remarkable yet soothing and relaxing. Storage room and adequate space is a “must have” in Asian look that sports a very clean and uncluttered space.

If you want to keep the theme in your bathroom and dining area but you still desire to adapt the Asian feel, then your bedroom is the best option. Highly embroidered and rich fabrics go well with delicate rice paper window shades to provide you the essential privacy, oriental art, or framed calligraphy. By adding candles in the room you can convert your dull bedroom into a dreamy Asian haven. Use indirect lighting and wall scones to replace all of your bedroom’s harsh overhead lights that would grant your room with a truly opulent appeal.

Keep in mind that a carved Asian screen that is intricately crafted makes a breathtaking addition to any bedroom with Asian theme. It improves your room’s ambience with its sheer artistry and is also purposeful as it can be utilized to keep piles of cloth and cluttered spaces hidden away.

Final Note
While it may require you to use fair amount of money and time to adapt Asian décor ideas in your own home, you’ll never regret doing so. Shop around and look for wholesale handbags fabrics and other decorations that you can incorporate in your soon-to-be Asian themed space. Find a modern collection of textile decor including place mats and coaster here


Authentic Thai Silk Photo Frames – Luxury Gifts From Thailand

Authentic Thai Silk Photo Frames – Luxury Gifts From Thailand

The silk fabric has a flowing and elegant appeal that no other fabric can imitate. This is the same reason why many people wish to incorporate this fabric in special occasions particularly weddings.

Luxury authentic Thai silk picture & photo frames for wholesale
Luxury authentic Thai silk picture & photo frames for wholesale

The good news is that you can make your own silk photo frames and utilize them as a chic and custom wedding centerpiece, which will make the dinner tables in the wedding reception tailored for the bride and groom. You can design these silk picture frames to work well with the wedding flowers, the wedding date, and even the name of the soon-to-be spouses.

Things You’ll Need
– Gold gutta or silver
– Silk
– Silk paint
– Cardboard picture frames
– Paint brushes
– Tacky or fabric glue
– Scissors

What to Do
Gather all the materials in one table. To make this project easier, you can use some assistance from your bridesmaids or friends.

Take the back part of the pre-made cardboard picture frames. These frames are very affordable and can be purchased in different sizes at the nearest local craft store from your home.
Use the scissor and cut out the silk fabric in a rectangular shape a few inches wider and longer than the frame.
Place the frame face down on the fabric. You should then cut the middle part of the fabric where you can locate the middle of the frame opening.
Slit open small lines in every corner so you can crease the silk up and back to your frame.
Glue small beads around the opening on the rear of the frame. Cover the silk up and over the frame’s edges to cover the interior of the frame.
Repeat the same process on the exterior of the silk photo frames.
Allow the glue to dry out and work on the next cardboard frames.
When the glue has completely dried out, you should turn your silk color wedding frames over.
To add extra appeal, plunge your paint brush in silk paint and slightly tap it on your wrist over the picture frame to create swirls, splatters, and even elegant, colorful patterns. Remember though to not saturate the silk fabric, since this will wet and damage the cardboard.
You can then paint them dry and use them as wedding photo center pieces.
Don’t forget to use the copper, silver, or gold gutta to incorporate written and any other details to the silk fabric. You can outline flowers, the wedding date, the bride and the groom’s name, or words and phrases to them.
You can as well form polka dots, swirls, or merely highlight the silk paint dots and splatters. Ensure that the colored gutta completely dries out.
After all these steps, you can then reinsert the sheet or glass back into the frame. Add the photo and close them.

You can also order or silk photo frames in affordable prices online and send them as a memorable gift to a couple on their wedding day. Note that for several couples, it is almost impossible to have too many channels to display, showcase, and remember the wonderful moments of their wedding day.
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Thai Silk From The Khorat Plateau Of Thailand

Thai Silk From The Khorat Plateau Of Thailand

Thai silk is created from the Thai silkworms’ cocoons. Thai weavers primarily from the Khorat Plateau in Thailand’s northeast region nurture the caterpillars on a steady diet, feeding them mulberry leaves alone. Khorat is the heart of the silk industry in Thailand and a regular supplier of rose silk for several generations now.

At present, this silk is deemed as one of the most excellent and finest fabrics in the world. It is an output of a distinct manufacturing procedure, presenting distinct colors and patterns.

Thai raw silk fabrics
Thai raw silk fabrics used for shawls

After silk was produced in ancient China as well as India where the silk weaving practice began around 2,640 BCE, most merchants widen the use of silk to several different regions throughout Asia via trading. Some accounts connote that archaeologists came across with the first silk fibers in Thailand of more than 3,000 years old in the Baan Chiang ruins. This site is acknowledged by many people as the Southeast Asia’s oldest civilization.

The creation of silk starts with the Bombyx mori, which is a small worm generated from the eggs of a silk moth. During the first year, the worms feed on leaves of mulberry trees prior to building a cocoon with the use of their spittle.

In its unique cocoon form, raw silk is irregular and bumpy. Thus, Thai weavers break up the completed cocoons coming from the mulberry bush and bathe them in a vat of boiling water to divide the silk thread from the caterpillar from the interior of the cocoon.

The Bombyx mori normally creates silk thread of different colors, ranging from gold, light gold, and to very light green, with lengths from 500 to 1,500 yards every cocoon.

Because a single Thai silk thread filament is very thin to utilize on its own, Thai women mix several thread to build a thicker and usable fiber. This process is carried out by hand-reeling the threads placed in a wooden spindle to produce a standard strand of raw silk. It is a tiresome procedure since it takes about 40 hours to manufacture even half kilogram of silk.

Most of the local operations employ a reeling machine, though majority stick with hand-reeling. The main distinction is that hand-reeled silk produces three silk grades: a thick grade that complements heavier material and two fine grades that suit lightweight fabrics.

The silk is then immersed in hot water and then bleached. Dyeing is also done to eliminate the natural yellow coloring of Thai yarn. To perform this step, skeins of silk thread are soaked in huge tubs of hydrogen peroxide. After washing and drying, the silk is then woven through the conventional hand operated loom.

Colorful Thai silk fabric
Colorful Thai silk fabric

To determine a genuine silk, Thailand’s Agriculture Ministry makes use of a peacock emblem to validate and authenticate their products and protect them from imitations. The colors include:

– Gold Peacock
–  Silver Peacock
– Blue Peacock
– Green Peacock

Because this silk is hand woven, every silk bag and fabric is distinct and can’t be copied through commercial approaches. It also furnishes a unique luster, with a gleam that has two distinctive combinations: one color for the weft and another for the warp. In addition the Thai silk fabric changes its color at different angles when positioned against the light.
NANGFA Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  is providing silk textile bags and home decor since 2006.

Hemp Fabrics And The  “Going Green” Revolution

Hemp Fabrics And The “Going Green” Revolution

Do you want to participate in the “going green” revolution? The good news is that there are many ways to make this happen, even through small things. You can do significant things in preserving and improving the environment. Using hemp fabrics and yarn products for your family bedding or bags are an excellent way to have a sustainable way of living. This eco friendly, natural fiber is soft but robust.

Natural Color Hemp Textiles
Natural Color Hemp Textiles For Bags

Hemp Plant
Hemp is a kind of plant that doesn’t need the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers to grow, making it an ideal choice for organic farming. Its environmentally friendly growing process assists in enriching, nurturing, and moisturizing the soil. This plant has a sturdy root system that can be planted into the ground three feet or deeper, giving an anchor to inhibit soil erosion. The hemp plant drops its leaves in the duration of the growing season, making the soil healthier with organic matter. Products manufactured using fabrics made from 100% hemp are entirely biodegradable.

Hemp Features
At present, more than 25,000 products can be created using hemp. Hemp bags and fabrics are water absorbent. They are known and appreciated for their durability since they don’t stretch or easily wear out. The more you wash these fabrics the softer and more radiant the fabric will be, resulting to beautiful hemp items for you to use for the years to come. The end part of the hemp yarn is round, thus it is considerably soft to the touch and not itchy to the skin. In addition, natural hemp keeps you cool during summer, and provides you warmth in the winter.

There are several advantages associated with industrial hemp. Hemp:

– Needs less water than the amount cotton requires
– Matures in single season
– Does not need herbicides yet resistant to pest
– Generates 250% more fibers for every acre than cotton and about 600% more than flax
– Assists in preventing soil erosion through its deep roots

Hemp is categorized as an eco textile since it entails less energy, produces less carbon, thus less pollution is created than other fabric manufacturing processes.

Hemp Yarn
Hemp Yarn

Hemp vs Cotton
The fibers of hemp are very much similar to cotton fibers only about three times tougher and more permeable making them an excellent choice both for infants and adults. Fibers from hemp enclose features such as being resistant to mold and mildew. Some studies have shown that hemp with a secure weave ward off about 95% of UV rays, while cotton has the ability to repel only between 30% and 90% of UV rays.

Hemp yarn is also courser than cotton, though it can be mixed with other natural fibers like cotton, and silk to make a durable, soft, fashionable material. If you want a wrinkle free clothing, then hemp is your best option since it can maintain its shape even after years of use.

When matched against cotton, the porous nature of hemp permits it to be cool in summer season but its insulation features also delineates that this clothing is warm during winter. Its aptitude to soak up moisture means that dyes will be absorbed more by the fabric and will resist fading.

It appears that hemp fabrics have it all. It’s beneficial for you and the environment, so there’s no way why you shouldn’t start not collecting hemp purses