Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favor ideas can be anything from simple and plain to very elegant, playful, or truly whimsical. Making your own favors not only allows you to add personal touch to the favors, but is also typically less costly that buying or ordering ready-made favors. This article will give you some useful wedding favors ideas.

Advantages of Homemade Wedding Favors
In actual fact, there are several benefits to crafting your own wedding favor boxes, to include:

Giving a distinct and personalized favors will complement your wedding theme and mood very well. Every homemade favor is inimitable, since even little difference and minor imperfections only adds up to its overall charm. Your guests will be pleased that you actually took the time to make your wedding favors to show your gratitude and appreciation to them for attending your special day.

Dupioni silk favor box with large pearl brooch
Dupioni silk favor box with large pearl brooch

Inexpensiveness– When you create your own favors, you also save some money. The costs normally sum up to only a small fraction of what a comparable ready-made or custom-made favor would be. Your homemade favor is both inexpensive and elegant, thus you are obtaining the best of both worlds.
Happiness – Why happiness? The answer is simple. Your friends and relatives will normally give you some wedding favors ideas, which can be made with little time and effort, therefore lack of time will not prevent you from crafting your own favors. Since your family and friends are more than willing to help with the wedding preparation, there is no better way to make the favors than doing them joyfully with your loved ones.

Choosing the Favors
First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of favor you’d love to make. In general, wedding favors are under one of these three classifications: décor or keepsakes, edible favors, and useful or practical favors.

Your wedding favor or even silk invitation boxes will most probably depend on you and your soon-to-be spouse’s taste and personalities, as well as the season and mood of your wedding and its reception. A favor that can be eaten or something that is customized is the ideal mementos of thanks for almost any events. For a very romantic wedding, a favor that is both elegant and commemorative is perfect, while a casual wedding goes well with a practical favor.

Searching through magazines, books, and various websites is a great strategy to come up with a favor that will essentially work with your wedding. Allot some time visiting craft stores and fabric shops for more inspiration. Make sure you jot down your ideas on the shapes, colors, and patterns of your preferred favor.

Assembling the Favors
All you have to do is to purchase all the materials needed to create your favor and assemble the materials together. Often, the favor will require some sort of wrapping or container, as well as tags, and a few finishing touches.

Boxes and Wrappings
After choosing from the wedding favors ideas and making the favors yourself, decide on the wedding invitation boxes and wrappings. Use your imagination. You can utilize envelopes, bags, baskets, small jars, candle holders, baskets, dishes, seashells, terra cotta pots, or even small watering cans. The truth is, the sky is the limit!

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk wedding invitation box
5 Delightfully Useful Wedding Favors for Your Guests

5 Delightfully Useful Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Think twice before you decide to give away clunky, useless knickknacks as wedding favors to the people who have set aside precious time to travel and attend your special day. Instead, dole out indispensable items your wedding guests would love to take home with them. Here are five great wedding favors to consider.

Jams or Preserves in Vintage-Looking Jars

DIY edible wedding favors are popular because they exude the warmth of home, not to mention being incredibly wholesome and delicious. So, consider offering your wedding guests with DIY fruit jams or preserves. Present these wedding favors in charming vintage-looking jars prettily adorned with twine and a piece of fabric.

Organic Honey

Give away healthy wedding favors sourced from a local organic beekeeping farm. Store the sweet golden concoction in cute bottles with cork stoppers. Then attach a quirky-looking label.

Portable Water Bottles

Your guests would be thrilled to take home sleek water bottles. These wedding favors are lightweight and usable. You can even monogram them or stylishly match with your wedding color palette.

Reusable Canvas Tote Bags

Add a touch of “green” to your special day by giving away utilitarian and stylish items your guests can use to hold their groceries, nixing the need for plastic bags. Sturdy canvas tote bags can also serve as easy-to-wash carry-alls.

Buy plain and roomy canvas tote bags in bulk, and then have them printed with your choice of design or letterings. If you’re up to the task, you can tie-dye them to match your color scheme.

Blankets or Towels

Choose blankets or towels whose colors and designs match your wedding theme and color scheme. Tie or fold them to resemble flowers or cakes. You can easily search for instructions on how to make towel cakes, which double as fantastic wedding décor. Cozy blankets, in particular, also make for great favors for a winter wedding.