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3 Unique Ideas To Get You Started With Asian And Oriental Home Decor!

There’s nothing like Asian decor to liven up a room, and give it a unique style and flair. Too often, we don’t think about how our surroundings affect us. The decoration of your home, office, or business is important.

One of the best ways to decorate your home or business is with Asian decor from Prestige Creations. We offer silk cushions and silk pillows, and so much more at our Asian decor wholesale website.

Not sure how to begin with Asian and Oriental home decor? We can help! Read on for 3 unique ideas that are sure to inspire you. Then, shop for everything you need, directly from Prestige Creations!! Continue reading “3 Unique Ideas To Get You Started With Asian And Oriental Home Decor!”

Asian decoration designs

Exotic, Beautiful, And Versatile – How You Can Use Asian Decor In Your Home Or Business!

At Prestige Creations, we manufacture and design a huge variety of Asian-inspired products, such as decorative cushions, textiles, throws, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous set of bedsheets, a new blanket, or any other textile, we’ve got the best selection of Asian products – all manufactured for utmost quality in Thailand.

Need some inspiration, and to see how you can use our products in your home, or in your hospitality business? Take a look at some of our ideas for using our products now – and start shopping today!
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Home decor ideas

Tips to style your home like a professional interior decorator

Home is one place where you can relax after spending a tiring day at the workplace or at school. It is very important that the house seems inviting has a relaxing décor.

  • The first tip to be remembered is that the house ornamentation should not be loud. The color scheme should be soothing to the eyes. The color of the paint can totally change the look of a room. Different rooms can have different wall colors. One mistake that many people make while doing their home décor is that they choose very bright colors. Obviously that does not mean that the room should have no colors. That will just end up making the room look dead.
  • At times due to the way a house is styled, it may look cluttered and tiny. The line between accessorizing your house and turning it into a junk place is blurred for many. To keep the rooms classy and sophisticated go for silk cushions. They can add to the beauty of a room without making it look too bright and garish. The couch arrangement should also be done in such a way that conversation can take place. A U – shaped or H shaped arrangement is the perfect setting.
  • To add a personalized touch to your room a few mementos or handmade items can be kept. A special gift which is close to your heart can be placed somewhere so the memories associated with it are kept alive.
  • Low furniture should be kept in a room which does not have a high ceiling. This will create a sense of fake height. The lighting of a house is also an important element in home décor. There are designer decorative lightings available. A few lamps and chandeliers can be added so that the room looks bright. They should be placed in areas where lighting is actually required.
  • Another important tip is that greenery can also be included in your home décor. The rooms feel fresher when there are a few small potted plants kept.

The most important tip when styling your home is that comfort should be the ultimate aim. If a home is warm and inviting all the home décor items will appear to be in harmony. Each house has its flaws and its strengths. A good home décor is one which is able to hide those flaws and bring out the strengths.

silk cushion home decoration

Silk cushions are the perfect element to add style and grandeur to your room

All of us want our houses to look perfect and capture the attention of our guests. A lot of thought has to be put in when decorating a house. Each and every single little home décor item counts. It can add to the allure of a room. At the same time gaudy home décor items can ruin the entire look of a room. One item which is guaranteed to increase the appeal of a room is silk cushions.

Silk cushions can be kept either in your drawing room or in your bedroom. Silk cushions are kept usually on the sofa or the sitting area in the drawing room. When a guest arrives, the first place they would be asked to sit is in the sitting room or the drawing room. On entering the room, the first impression would be to be awed by the beauty of these silk cushions.

There are so many silk cushion designs available. There are so many colors to choose from. They can easily go with any décor. Silk cushions can increase the sophistication of a room. Silk cushions are available in different sizes according to the size of the sofa or bed. If your sofa is a small one, it is better to keep cushions which are smaller in size. For a bedroom on the other hand, large cushions can be kept on the bed.

  • How to arrange Silk cushions

Cushions are an essential part of sofas. Those who have a dull colored sofa can go for bright colored silk cushions. This will add just a little color and vitality in their room. There are a number of ways different cushions can be arranged on a couch. On a large couch there can be multiple cushions. For a person who likes a little quirkiness in their room can go for different designed cushions. Those who want a more mature look can go for a matched cushion set.

While buying cushions there is just one thing to remember. They should never match exactly with the couch. It should never be the exact same print, design and color. This is where silk cushions can help because they will add a different texture wherever it is put. Silk cushions when kept on silk bed sheets can make your room look extremely grand. With the correct design and color silk cushions can also make your room appear more impressive.

Luxury authentic Thai silk picture & photo frames for wholesale

Authentic Thai Silk Photo Frames – Luxury Gifts From Thailand

The silk fabric has a flowing and elegant appeal that no other fabric can imitate. This is the same reason why many people wish to incorporate this fabric in special occasions particularly weddings.

Luxury authentic Thai silk picture & photo frames for wholesale
Luxury authentic Thai silk picture & photo frames for wholesale

The good news is that you can make your own silk photo frames and utilize them as a chic and custom wedding centerpiece, which will make the dinner tables in the wedding reception tailored for the bride and groom. You can design these silk picture frames to work well with the wedding flowers, the wedding date, and even the name of the soon-to-be spouses.

Things You’ll Need
– Gold gutta or silver
– Silk
– Silk paint
– Cardboard picture frames
– Paint brushes
– Tacky or fabric glue
– Scissors

What to Do
Gather all the materials in one table. To make this project easier, you can use some assistance from your bridesmaids or friends.

Take the back part of the pre-made cardboard picture frames. These frames are very affordable and can be purchased in different sizes at the nearest local craft store from your home.
Use the scissor and cut out the silk fabric in a rectangular shape a few inches wider and longer than the frame.
Place the frame face down on the fabric. You should then cut the middle part of the fabric where you can locate the middle of the frame opening.
Slit open small lines in every corner so you can crease the silk up and back to your frame.
Glue small beads around the opening on the rear of the frame. Cover the silk up and over the frame’s edges to cover the interior of the frame.
Repeat the same process on the exterior of the silk photo frames.
Allow the glue to dry out and work on the next cardboard frames.
When the glue has completely dried out, you should turn your silk color wedding frames over.
To add extra appeal, plunge your paint brush in silk paint and slightly tap it on your wrist over the picture frame to create swirls, splatters, and even elegant, colorful patterns. Remember though to not saturate the silk fabric, since this will wet and damage the cardboard.
You can then paint them dry and use them as wedding photo center pieces.
Don’t forget to use the copper, silver, or gold gutta to incorporate written and any other details to the silk fabric. You can outline flowers, the wedding date, the bride and the groom’s name, or words and phrases to them.
You can as well form polka dots, swirls, or merely highlight the silk paint dots and splatters. Ensure that the colored gutta completely dries out.
After all these steps, you can then reinsert the sheet or glass back into the frame. Add the photo and close them.

You can also order or silk photo frames in affordable prices online and send them as a memorable gift to a couple on their wedding day. Note that for several couples, it is almost impossible to have too many channels to display, showcase, and remember the wonderful moments of their wedding day.
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