Avoid Getting Boxed in with Wedding Invitation Boxes

Young brides today can spend what their dads may think is a small fortune on luxury wedding invitations; these couture invitations have often been lovingly hand-crafted to convey just how important the wedding date is.

Silk or satin envelopes can suggest how prestigious the event will be, but delivering embellished luxury wedding invitations in a special wedding invitation box is practically required.

If you too have chosen luxury wedding invitations, their presentation to your guests is everything, and here’s why.

Boxed wedding invitations
Boxed wedding invitations

The wedding invitation boxes you use have two purposes.

First, these delivery boxes establish the tone and style of your wedding. The guest who receives one of these boxes — especially when it is hand-delivered — knows that the engaged couple has put considerable time and thought into the invitation inside. There is a distinct pleasure in knowing that you are one of the fortune few to receive a wedding invitation box.

The second purpose of the wedding invitation box is to protect its precious contents. Today’s luxury wedding invitations are laser cut, use diverse material such as wood or glass and can even be considered 3-dimensional works of art.

Brides often spend hours upon hours working with invitation designers or creating their own handmade versions unique to their own tastes and lifestyles.

Wedding invitation boxes can get you thinking out of the box, too.

Some of the most creative brides incorporate designs inside the boxes so that the box itself becomes more than a delivery system; it is the catalyst for opening the invitation.

Wedding explosion boxes are popular ways to deliver your wedding invitation. In one of these invitation styles, all four side of the box open to reveal a 3-D object inside the box. This is often a tiny replica of the wedding cake, a pair of faux rings tied to the box bottom with bridal ribbon or there is an artifact that relates to a destination wedding.

Not all wedding invitation boxes are made of cardboard, either. Almost any material can be turned into a box, including glass, wood and bamboo. Most of the boxes used for luxury wedding invitations, however, begin as cardboard and are padded and covered in dupioni silk, mulberry paper or printed cotton. Both fabric and paper boxes can be printed, and the boxes may contain hinged lids, toggle clasps and gateway folds that will inspire your creativity when it comes to creating your wedding invitation and deciding how it will be delivered.

You are only limited to thinking inside the box by your own imagination — and maybe your dad’s budget.