Why A Wedding Invitation Folder Is A Great Idea For Your Special Day

Why A Wedding Invitation Folder Is A Great Idea For Your Special Day

Looking for wedding invitations that will help you celebrate your big day in style, and be eye-catching and unique when they arrive at the homes of your friends and relatives? With a wedding invitation folder from Dennis Wisser, you can enhance the beauty of your wedding invitations – and make your big day truly special. Why should you choose our wedding invitation folders? Here are just a few reasons.

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Why go for a simple wedding box when you can go luxury wedding boxes

Why go for a simple wedding box when you can go luxury wedding boxes

Weddings are such a special and grand event for an entire family. Even the distant relatives are excited for a wedding in the family. When weddings are such notable occasions then why should your wedding box be ordinary? Wedding boxes have always been in use but now luxury wedding boxes are in fashion. It can give a grand feel to the entire wedding. There are a number of designers who can provide you with the best wedding boxes. Luxury wedding boxes mean that the box must be chic, stylish and a trendsetter.
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The Top Design Elements of Luxury Invitations for Weddings

The Top Design Elements of Luxury Invitations for Weddings

Couples who are getting married want over the top, premier luxury invitations that mark their wedding day as special. That means bespoke designs that stand out from everyone else’s.

Newlyweds should feel as though their bespoke invitations are the most unique of all in any wedding season, and the invitations should be a true reflection of their tastes and style. Every detail in a luxury invitation matters, from the precision fit of a folio or invitation box to the choice of color and style of embellishment used as a flourish. Everyone of the details matters.

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Brocade Silk Folio Invitations Set a New Standard

Brocade Silk Folio Invitations Set a New Standard

If you are familiar with the luxury of padded silk invitations, you are going to love brocade silk folio invitations. Brocade elevates your silk invitations to a whole new level of elegance.

Minute threads, usually of silver and gold, create an elaborate design on one side of the silk fabric, but any color of thread may be employed. Rich designs appear as a result of the weave’s weft. These cross-woven threads create the illusion of fabric embellishments laid over silk.

Brocade has been referred to as Imperial brocade, and when you see your brocade silk folio invitations, you’ll know why. Not only does brocade have the strength of silk, but this weave creates a thicker fabric with intricate textured designs.

The look is both exotic and elegant.

Imagine your elegant brocade silk folio invitations designed with your impeccable taste in mind. Premium silver silk fabric wraps the padded folio, and the attention to detail is remarkable inside and out. Half of your folio is covered in luxurious brocade silk, finished with a side satin ribbon held in place by a rhinestone clasp.

Do you have something else in mind? Customize your brocade invitations by selecting the size of your invitation, the your color of silk, and the luxury ribbon of your choice. Every one of your invitations is handcrafted for a truly bespoke look that establishes a new standard in luxury folio invitations.

Some of the most divine brocade silk folio invitations have been designed with tone on tone colors woven into the weft. The extravagant brocade design is subtle yet grand, creating an opulence that lends itself to further embellishment with rhinestone and pearl brooches or clasps.

You’ll want to use these gorgeous folio invitations for the celebrations in your life that are most important to you and to your guests. Weddings, special anniversaries and career milestones demand brocade silk folio invitations, and savvy hosts know that presentation is everything. Only premiere fabric can be used in an invitation, and brocade silk not only meets this expectation, but exceeds it.

These invitations are the perfect choice for premieres and galas, too. You’ll want to send all of your A-listers the most luxurious invitations available, and brocade silk will place your invitations at the top of anyone’s must-attend list.

Once reserved only for royalty in China, Greece and Byzantium, brocade silk was largely unavailable to most people. Its expense was prohibitive, and creating the design was an elaborate task. Not anymore.

The brocade silk folio invitations of your dreams can be delivered to you quickly. Get started by ordering your handcrafted invitation today.

Layers Make a Luxury Wedding Invitation

Layers Make a Luxury Wedding Invitation

The finest things in life seem to come in layers, like gossamer fine sheets that may individually be insignificant, but when layered on top of each other, create something rich. Think chocolate shavings or baklava.

Some of the most exquisite haute couture consists of layers as well. It’s the subtle overlapping and final presentation that identifies a look as one of luxury. Even haute couture wedding dresses fall into this same category.

Fine and airy organza, supple satin and antique lace can combine to create a look (and feel) of luxury. Again, it’s the layers that turn ordinary into elegant.

When you go out for an elegant dinner, you expect the courses to arrive one at a time, not all at once, like family style dining. Each course is a layer of the meal, adding to overall experience.

You want to create that same experience for your guests when you send them your luxury wedding invitations.

Some brides are surprised to discover that there is much more than meets the eye when selecting and coordinating the presentation of luxury wedding invitations.

The invitation itself is just the beginning, only one course of the entire experience.


Use wedding folios to hold important items in place. Use the right side of the open folio for the most important insert; that’s often your luxury wedding invitation. Any other inserts go in the inside left hand pocket.


A real luxury wedding invitation deserves much more than a traditional paper envelope. It’s time to consider handwoven natural dupioni silk that has been dyed to the color of your choice, fashioned into an elegant silk envelope and fastened with a pearl or rhinestone brooch.

For example, an envelope like the Teal Dupioni Silk Invitation envelope is exactly the kind of elegant envelope your luxury wedding invitations deserve. The envelope consists of two fine layers — the exterior and the lining inside.


Another presentation layer to consider is the invitation insert. Even something as simple as a padded insert with silk corners to hold your documents can add that additional presentation layer you’re looking for.

Invitation boxes

Your couture invitation must be place in an invitation designed to hold not only the invitation but also any embellishments you have affixed to it. That reason alone should be enough to send your invitations in invitation boxes, but these boxes also provide another service.

The invitation box announces your invitation.

Mailing boxes

Unless you are personally hand-delivering all of your wedding invitations, you’ll need mailing boxes to send everything in. Planning ahead and getting these boxes when you are ordering your other presentation layers saves time and headaches in the long run.

There you have it. Those are the presentation layers you need for sending out luxury wedding invitations that will impress your guests and create an experience they won’t forget.

It’s the layers.

Craft Perfect Wedding Invitations

Craft Perfect Wedding Invitations



If you are following any of the wedding trends this year, you’ve seen how important the wedding invitations are.

Brides, grooms and their mothers spend considerable time pouring overing options, and with good reason. There are many decisions to make about the invitations you are sending to your guests.

You have one chance to set the tone for the most important day of your life, and the invitations you send to your guests must be as perfect as you intend your wedding day to be.

Here’s what to look for.



The best invitations arrive on premier paper. You have plenty of choices in wedding invitation paper, from linen to vellum, and everything in-between.

Make sure you select the heaviest paper weight you can get. Opt for 80l lb. paper and higher, if you are given the choice.The quality is unbeatable, and it will withstand embossing, which is still a preferred trend for invitations this year.

The thicker paper offers a substantial surface for additional embellishments, too.


A Word about Wording

Using a cafeteria-plan style of lifting only the phrases you like for your wedding will likely give you a rather unpleasant mash-up of language. Sending invitations with the wrong tone — either too informal or too formal — will reveal that your wording came from six or seven websites, and the invitation won;t have a sense of style or flow.

Work with your wedding planner to craft the right phrasing and tone for your invitations.

It is customary that whoever is paying for the wedding leads the invitation with something like “ ‘The Parents of’ or ‘Bride’s Name and Groom’s Name’ request the honor of your presence . . . .” if the wedding is formal.

Today’s more casual invitations often drop the request altogether and strike a more informal tone, like “The surf’s up, and Bride and Groom are down for getting married . . . “

Pulling Everything Together

Wedding invitations are much more than an invitation.

You’ll need to decide on any other inserts that must go with the invitations, such as RSVP cards, parking information and more.

When you have a clear picture of everything a guest will need, your nest step is to select how it all goes together. By the time you assemble an invitation with embellishments and all the additional inserts, you likely will need something bigger and more protective than a traditional paper envelope.

Explore folios, silk envelopes and invitation boxes in which you can send your wedding invitations. For example, a luxury wedding envelope featuring ivory silk and pearl button with padding can be an elegant way to house your invitation, or you may prefer an invitation box wrapped in luxurious duping silk.

Your wedding invitations will be perfect if you talk the time to carefully craft them with the right materials, wording and prevention.

Every Invitation Should Arrive in Invitation Boxes Like These

Every Invitation Should Arrive in Invitation Boxes Like These

Everyone wants your time. Today’s schedules are already packed, and when you add social obligations like weddings, galas, showers and other parties, and you find yourself having to choose carefully the invitations you accept. There can be so many!

With more than 6,000 weddings (two million a year) and untold amount of gala events and parties happening every day, it may be difficult to get your invitations to stand our from all the others.

The secret in getting noticed is using an invitation box; all invitations of prestige use them. The reason is that these meticulously designed and embellished boxes are about preferential treatment, presentation and protection, and primacy.

Preferential Treatment

Guests who receive your invitation in a luxurious invitation box know several things about you before you they even open the invitation.

Your exquisite taste and knowledge of invitation etiquette is surpassed only by your willing to invest a considerable amount of time in decorating your invitations. Of course you want to showcase and to protect your invitations, and that’s why you chose these boxes. You also consider the recipient a top tier guest who deserves the very best you can send.

Presentation and Protection

Handcrafted wedding invitations are a work of art, as such and they deserve to be presented properly while being protected.

By the time a well presented invitation has been layered with embellishments, only an invitation box will protect the contents, but how you arrange the contents inside the invitation box is critical. People read from left to right and top to bottom, so every insert should have a predetermined place for easy access. The box can keep the contents from shifting.


The invitations that arrive in an invitation box command attention. The box is not something easily stacked on a pile of papers, pushed to the side or even thumbtacked to the refrigerator. Instead, it achieves the status of centerpiece wherever it sits, and it continues to remind you of the upcoming date.

Couture boxes for weddings, galas and parties standard by setting the invitations they contain apart from all others. Budget and time conscious people can send invitation boxes to the top tier guests — such as consistently generous donors or family members of the bride and groom — on their list and a more simple enveloped version of the invitation to those on the lower tiers.

No luxury wedding, gala event or party of importance can be complete without invitation boxes because of the preferential treatment, presentation and protection, and primacy they provide.

Whether you want plain or embellished boxes, Dennis Wisser can create both, in both luxury or common textiles that reflect the tone of your event for the people you most want to impress.

Avoid Getting Boxed in with Wedding Invitation Boxes

Young brides today can spend what their dads may think is a small fortune on luxury wedding invitations; these couture invitations have often been lovingly hand-crafted to convey just how important the wedding date is.

Silk or satin envelopes can suggest how prestigious the event will be, but delivering embellished luxury wedding invitations in a special wedding invitation box is practically required.

If you too have chosen luxury wedding invitations, their presentation to your guests is everything, and here’s why.
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Choosing a Gown for Your Eco-Wedding

Choosing a Gown for Your Eco-Wedding

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle reduces your carbon footprint on the planet’s environment and opens you up to a world of environmentally friendly practices. From the foods you eat to the cars you drive, living Earth-smart improves your life quality. Planning your wedding and sticking to your eco-lifestyle is as simple as switching from plastic grocery bags to cloth. Brides-to-be can even find their ideal gown and still stay green at their memorable eco-wedding.
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