Wedding Favor Boxes can play an important role in Weddings

Wedding Favor Boxes can play an important role in Weddings

Wedding favors is a return gift or memento given as a token of appreciation for coming to the wedding. Wedding favors have been given to guests since time immemorial. It adds a touch of elegance to your wedding. The wedding planning is incomplete without deciding which favor to give and in which type of box. Wedding favors are almost as important as the menu of the wedding reception. Both must be decided months in advance so that the wedding process can be carried out smoothly.

There are a few couples who do not put in any thought while choosing the favors. Favors are something which will be taken by the guest. If the favor item or the wedding favor box is not extraordinary, the guests will leave the wedding and completely forget about it.

  • Historical Significance

There is a historical significance of giving wedding favors. In ancient Europe, the gifts given to the guests at a wedding were called bonbonniere. The material of these ancient wedding favor boxes was usually metal or porcelain. They were smaller in size compared to the favor boxes given out now. The significance of giving favors was that by giving favors, the luck from the wedding could be transferred to the guests as well.

At times, the favor box gets left at the wedding venue or thrown away somewhere in a corner. This is because the favors do not hold any value for the guests. So even the favors must be chosen thoughtfully.

  • Latest Trends in Wedding Favor Boxes

Once the favor is decided the next important step is to choose the kind of box it should be kept in. The variety of favor boxes is astonishing. They can be as big as you want. Some people prefer small and cute favor boxes while others prefer large luxurious ones. The latest trend in favor boxes includes intricate details on the box. There are some couples who prefer handmade boxes rather than machine made bulk ones. There are companies which make bulk handmade boxes which can be used as wedding favor boxes.

What makes handmade favor boxes special is that they can be personalized. A little name tag added on top of the box can make the guest feel important and would make the wedding a memorable event for them. The color and theme of the wedding favor box can be matched with the entire

The Beauty Of White Wedding Favor Boxes

The Beauty Of White Wedding Favor Boxes

Selecting a white wedding celebration is a great way to show the purity of the union of two souls. This also incorporates a touch of class and elegance to the ceremony and the reception. If you are about to have this kind of wedding real soon, consider the tips below about white wedding favor boxes and other accessories for your big day.
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Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favor ideas can be anything from simple and plain to very elegant, playful, or truly whimsical. Making your own favors not only allows you to add personal touch to the favors, but is also typically less costly that buying or ordering ready-made favors. This article will give you some useful wedding favors ideas.

Advantages of Homemade Wedding Favors
In actual fact, there are several benefits to crafting your own wedding favor boxes, to include:

Giving a distinct and personalized favors will complement your wedding theme and mood very well. Every homemade favor is inimitable, since even little difference and minor imperfections only adds up to its overall charm. Your guests will be pleased that you actually took the time to make your wedding favors to show your gratitude and appreciation to them for attending your special day.

Dupioni silk favor box with large pearl brooch
Dupioni silk favor box with large pearl brooch

Inexpensiveness– When you create your own favors, you also save some money. The costs normally sum up to only a small fraction of what a comparable ready-made or custom-made favor would be. Your homemade favor is both inexpensive and elegant, thus you are obtaining the best of both worlds.
Happiness – Why happiness? The answer is simple. Your friends and relatives will normally give you some wedding favors ideas, which can be made with little time and effort, therefore lack of time will not prevent you from crafting your own favors. Since your family and friends are more than willing to help with the wedding preparation, there is no better way to make the favors than doing them joyfully with your loved ones.

Choosing the Favors
First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of favor you’d love to make. In general, wedding favors are under one of these three classifications: décor or keepsakes, edible favors, and useful or practical favors.

Your wedding favor or even silk invitation boxes will most probably depend on you and your soon-to-be spouse’s taste and personalities, as well as the season and mood of your wedding and its reception. A favor that can be eaten or something that is customized is the ideal mementos of thanks for almost any events. For a very romantic wedding, a favor that is both elegant and commemorative is perfect, while a casual wedding goes well with a practical favor.

Searching through magazines, books, and various websites is a great strategy to come up with a favor that will essentially work with your wedding. Allot some time visiting craft stores and fabric shops for more inspiration. Make sure you jot down your ideas on the shapes, colors, and patterns of your preferred favor.

Assembling the Favors
All you have to do is to purchase all the materials needed to create your favor and assemble the materials together. Often, the favor will require some sort of wrapping or container, as well as tags, and a few finishing touches.

Boxes and Wrappings
After choosing from the wedding favors ideas and making the favors yourself, decide on the wedding invitation boxes and wrappings. Use your imagination. You can utilize envelopes, bags, baskets, small jars, candle holders, baskets, dishes, seashells, terra cotta pots, or even small watering cans. The truth is, the sky is the limit!

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk wedding invitation box
Wedding Cake Gift Boxes Your Guest Will Love

Wedding Cake Gift Boxes Your Guest Will Love

There are truly special and memorable moments in a person’s life. Birthdays are well celebrated, as well as graduation, and even the first job. But there is one day that only happens once in a lifetime for some, it is their wedding day. If you are too excited in your coming wedding day, the happiness may be overpowered by the stress and workload involved in the preparation, like the setting, dress, and even the cake. To help you prepare better, this article will assess at one small yet very critical factor in your big day, and that is the wedding cake gift boxes.
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Save a Mint: Make Your Own Easy Wedding Mints

Save a Mint: Make Your Own Easy Wedding Mints

Save a Mint: Make Your Own Easy Wedding Mints

Depending on where you live, one of the most expensive additions to your wedding
reception could be the fancy mints that are served alongside the wedding cake.

These are often molded into the shape of a heart or a flower, or the shape might have special
meaning to the bride and groom. They are sweet, smooth confections that are labor-intensive
and, as such, may come with a hefty price tag.

If you’ve got the time to devote to creating your own wedding mints, you can freeze them,
leaving plenty of time to devote to other wedding-related tasks without having to worry
about the mints at the last minute.

First, you’ll need to obtain the mint molds. This type of mint needs to be formed using soft,
flexible plastic molds. Keep in mind that candy molds are not the same thing and you won’t
have the same results. Candy molds are made from a stiffer plastic, which does not allow the
mint to pop out like the flexible molds.

Flexible molds are easy to find online and they are available in many forms. You might
choose an initial mold to represent the bride and groom’s last name. Other options to consider
would be roses, calla lilies, swirls, hearts, cupid, bells, bride and groom silhouettes or doves.
If the wedding has a western theme or the bride and groom share a love of all things equine,
choose a boot or cowboy hat mold. If he proposed at the beach, choose a sea shell mold. An
ultra-religious couple might choose praying hands or a cross. The possibilities are endless.

You’ll only need one mold of each shape, since you’ll be pressing the dough for each
individual mint into the mold and popping them out. If you plan to have helpers, go ahead
and order an extra mold or two for them to use and you’ll get done much faster.

When it’s time to make the mints, be sure to clear off plenty of work space on the counter
and cover it with wax paper or parchment paper.

To make the mints, follow the recipe to make the dough (below). Take a very small ball of
dough, roll in granulated sugar, press into the rubber mint mold, press out immediately, and
let dry at room temperature for 1-2 days.

Once the mints have dried, pack them in freezer-safe containers, with wax paper separating
each layer. They may be refrigerated for up to six months or frozen for up to a year. If frozen,
take them out of the freezer the morning of the wedding, remove the lid, and allow to thaw.

Cream Cheese Mint Recipe

8-oz. block Philadelphia brand cream cheese, room temperature
2 lb. bag of powdered sugar
1/8 teaspoon flavoring (peppermint, crËme de menthe, vanilla butternut, almond, etc.)
Food coloring, if desired

In a mixing bow, beat together the cream cheese and flavoring until smooth. Gradually beat
in the powdered sugar. Add food coloring, if desired (the more you add, the darker the color,
so be careful). Mix well. You’ll want the dough to be stiff enough to hold its form, but not
liquid enough to slide out of the mint mold without setting up.

Form balls of dough approximately 1/2-inch in diameter. Roll in granulated sugar, press into
rubber mint mold, press out immediately onto wax paper, and let dry at room temperature for
1-2 days. NOTE: May need to adjust the size of the dough balls based on the size of the
flexible rubber mint mold that you have chosen.
Makes approximately 150 mints.

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Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift – How Much to Spend

Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift – How Much to Spend

If your mailbox is filled with wedding invitations, you are probably wondering how much to spend on each gift. There is an etiquette to wedding gifts, and it is important to follow certain guidelines in terms of spending and gift selection.

The amount you are expected to spend is dictated by a number of factors, including your relationship with the bride or groom and the nature of the ceremony. Brides who are planning a high-end wedding at the local country club may have greater expectations in terms of gifts, while other couples may be looking for nothing more than basic household items to get them started in their new home.

Co-workers and Casual Acquaintances
If you are attending the wedding of a co-worker or casual acquaintance, you should shoot for a gift costing between $75-100. A large number of popular home appliances and furnishings fall into that category, so you should be able to find something quite nice.

Be sure to consult the bridal registry when choosing a gift. Having a predetermined list to choose from will make selecting a good present – and staying within your budget – a lot easier.

Family Members and Close Friends
You can expect to spend a bit more on a wedding gift for a close friend or family member. Wedding planners and etiquette experts recommend spending between $100 and $150 on a wedding gift for a family member or close friend. If you are particularly close to the bride and groom and want to make a real impression, you are free to spend a bit more.

Personal Preference
In the end, how much to spend on a wedding present is a personal decision. You may feel that a particular wedding ceremony warrants a more elaborate and more expensive gift, even if the bride or groom is not a close relative or lifelong friend.

No matter how much you ultimately spend, it is always a good idea to review the bridal registry before going off on your own. If everything on the bridal registry has already been purchased or the remaining items are outside your price range, you may need to venture off the list. If not, buying from the registry is the best way to ensure the happy couple will get something they really want and need.

Enjoy Your Wedding on the Beach

Enjoy Your Wedding on the Beach

How beautiful, a wedding on the beach!

There are few things as magical and beautiful as a wedding on the beach. A beach wedding can be an amazing experience, and what could be more romantic than saying your vows as the sun sets on a fabulous tropical venue.

There are of course many different destinations for the perfect beach weddings, from the local to the exotic. Some brides to be may choose the luxury and beauty of Bermuda or a lovely Mexican resort, while others may opt for a more convenient location closer to home.

No matter what type of beach wedding is planned, it is important to start that planning as early as possible. The rule of thumb is that the further from home the wedding is held the more time will be required. It is important to allow plenty of time for all the little details, like making hotel reservations, securing plane tickets and getting out those invitations in plenty of time.

There is no doubt that a beach wedding creates lasting memories, and it is important to give that wedding the attention it deserves. Getting married on the beach is one of the most romantic things any couple can do, but the key is to plan carefully o make sure that wedding lives up to all your dreams.

5 Delightfully Useful Wedding Favors for Your Guests

5 Delightfully Useful Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Think twice before you decide to give away clunky, useless knickknacks as wedding favors to the people who have set aside precious time to travel and attend your special day. Instead, dole out indispensable items your wedding guests would love to take home with them. Here are five great wedding favors to consider.

Jams or Preserves in Vintage-Looking Jars

DIY edible wedding favors are popular because they exude the warmth of home, not to mention being incredibly wholesome and delicious. So, consider offering your wedding guests with DIY fruit jams or preserves. Present these wedding favors in charming vintage-looking jars prettily adorned with twine and a piece of fabric.

Organic Honey

Give away healthy wedding favors sourced from a local organic beekeeping farm. Store the sweet golden concoction in cute bottles with cork stoppers. Then attach a quirky-looking label.

Portable Water Bottles

Your guests would be thrilled to take home sleek water bottles. These wedding favors are lightweight and usable. You can even monogram them or stylishly match with your wedding color palette.

Reusable Canvas Tote Bags

Add a touch of “green” to your special day by giving away utilitarian and stylish items your guests can use to hold their groceries, nixing the need for plastic bags. Sturdy canvas tote bags can also serve as easy-to-wash carry-alls.

Buy plain and roomy canvas tote bags in bulk, and then have them printed with your choice of design or letterings. If you’re up to the task, you can tie-dye them to match your color scheme.

Blankets or Towels

Choose blankets or towels whose colors and designs match your wedding theme and color scheme. Tie or fold them to resemble flowers or cakes. You can easily search for instructions on how to make towel cakes, which double as fantastic wedding décor. Cozy blankets, in particular, also make for great favors for a winter wedding.

Silk Cosmetic Bags And It’s Advantages – From Personalized Bags to Wedding Gifts

Silk Cosmetic Bags And It’s Advantages – From Personalized Bags to Wedding Gifts

Modern lemon Green Silk Cosmetic Bag
Modern Lemon Green Silk Cosmetic Bag

Unique and elegant, the advantages of silk cosmetic bags

Every woman that wears makeup finds it better to keep all their makeup essentials carefully and safely in their useful but uniquely designed cosmetic bags.
Cosmetics are usually expensive. Most women favor to buy branded cosmetics to enhance their beauty. They can trust more on the quality of branded cosmetics. Therefor a suitable quality cosmetic bag is required keeping them in good order.

It’s essential to keep your expensive cosmetics and other make up essentials safe and organized and cosmetics bags become your best companion in this regard.
These unique little bags are designed in a way that you just will use them to organize your cosmetics and have what you need through your day. Cosmetic bags are available in many of sizes, styles and materials. some of the nicer ones are made from silk. Once choosing one that will work for your every day cosmetic or make-up storage needs. Decide first of all what quantity you are willing to spend. Then from there, you can see what’s available in the right price range.

There are many different sorts of pouches and handmade bags for cosmetic on the market.
The most popular cosmetics bags are of essence personalized silk cosmetic bags lined with 100% dupioni silk, cosmetic travel bag, rollup cosmetic bag and the cosmetic vanity case. You’ll buy one that suits your budget and other requirements. These bags are available in many option of styles, designs, colors and materials. It’s better to shop for bags made of top quality material as they are durable.
Choose a bag that contains more than one compartment.

This can help keep the different types of cosmetics separate and you won’t have to dig through or dump out all the items to seek out something you’re looking for. Such design is especially nice to carry with you while traveling. You’ll take all the different things you can need to create the looks that go along with every occasion you experience while on your trip.

Handbag-Asia has a huge style and quality of silk cosmetic bags wholesale. Here, you’ll find cosmetic bags from known as well as less known brands and may also order for customized cosmetic suit your to fit your style and budget.
You’ll also buy cosmetic bags customized as your desires. The bags made from Silk and Cotton are more in demand as they’re custom-made with totally different appealing designs. Check out their latest designs here


Wedding Favors Ideas That Fit Into A Box

Wedding Favors Ideas That Fit Into A Box

Wedding Favors Ideas That Fit Into A Box

Wedding favors are something that most couples enjoy picking out. For an elegant way to present those favors to guests many couples are choosing to purchase silk wedding favor boxes. This new trend adds a touch of elegance to any wedding. Guests will be highly impressed at receiving their wedding favors in a silk favor box.

Continuing with the silk theme one popular idea for wedding favors is a silk fan. Not only do these fans make a beautiful gift for guests they easily fold up small enough to fit in a silk gift box. They are also a practical gift because guests can use them to fan themselves off after they leave the dance floor and are hot and sweaty. It is also the perfect wedding favor for any wedding taking place outdoors in a warm environment. These favors can be customized to match the color scheme a couple has chosen for their wedding, making it a truly unique and memorable gift for their guests.

Silk wedding favor boxes are the perfect size to hold edible favors such as mints, jelly beans or even freshly made cookies. Depending on how crafty a couple is in the kitchen they can make their own edible wedding favors that their guests will devour. For those who want to give an edible favor but don’t or can’t bake, there are chocolate bars and kisses that can be customized for any wedding and these treats can easily fit into a silk wedding favor box as well.

For a wedding with an American Chinese feel to it couples should consider ordering customized fortune cookies. Each cookie can have a personal message from the couple to their guests as a whole or even to individual guests. These small treats can easily be tucked into a silk wedding favor box.

Couples that enjoy using them at home often include tea light candles among the favors they give their guests. These are items that can be purchased in bulk at a very reasonable price so they are perfect for couples who don’t want to go overboard but still want to give out nice wedding favors. Tea lights can be purchased in a number of different colors and are something most people can find a use for. Since the silk favor boxes themselves are fancy couples may want to balance that out by including a more down to earth and practical item for their guests.

There are countless wedding favor ideas that can fit into a silk favor box if couples are creative when it comes to choosing those items. Wedding favors should always reflect something special about the couple and/or their special day. While they should be something guests will like and appreciate they also need to be true to the interests, values or passions of the couple who are getting married. This can easily be accomplished with a little thought and a lot of care in choosing ideal favour.

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