The Top Design Elements of Luxury Invitations for Weddings

luxury wedding invitations

Couples who are getting married want over the top, premier luxury invitations that mark their wedding day as special. That means bespoke designs that stand out from everyone else’s.

Newlyweds should feel as though their bespoke invitations are the most unique of all in any wedding season, and the invitations should be a true reflection of their tastes and style. Every detail in a luxury invitation matters, from the precision fit of a folio or invitation box to the choice of color and style of embellishment used as a flourish. Everyone of the details matters.

That’s where we come in.

Handbag-asia and Wisser partners with designers looking for the hottest trends and styles in luxury invitations for weddings.We provide every component needed for creating the most outstanding couture invitations. More importantly, the invitations are constructed to each client’s individual requirements.

Each folio and every invitation box can be customized to a particular size, but that’s just the beginning. It’s possible to meet every bride and groom’s expectations with an array of colorful Dupioni silk for covering the invitation folios and boxes. Of course, silk isn’t the only covering choice available. Winter weddings require luxe velvet, and casual weddings want more casual fabrics like cotton.

The invitation boxes and folios can be crafted with holder loops and even side pockets to hold the necessary inserts for any wedding invitation.

The final flourish

Adding rhinestone and pearl brooches to the top of the invitation boxes for the final flourish will take invitations to a whole new level. Czech rhinestones gleam brightly atop the best luxury invitations, and these rhinestones are the pinnacle of clarity. They also come in a variety of colors and design styles.

A single brooch looks outstanding atop an invitation box, but buckles and clasps complete the design of folios.

Designers who use satin ribbon to finish the invitation box often look for rhinestone or pearl clasps, buckles, and brooches to complete the design, but there are plenty more options for embellishment as well.

Current trends include using greenery, feathers and even seashells as embellishments. Trendy tassels and saa paper flowers are also among the choices preferred by today’s brides and grooms. The choices can be customized for each couple, but formal weddings tend to use rhinestones and or pearls as the final embellishment

Designers and DIYers alike appreciate the options available from We offer wholesale and factory prices on the designer pieces you need for creating the ultimate invitation.