Celebrity Style Bespoke Wedding Invitations You Can Use

Celebrity Style Bespoke Wedding Invitations You Can Use

Two things can bring a dreamy look to a bride’s face almost as fast as a three-carat diamond: celebrities and bespoke wedding invitations.

While you might not be able to get your favorite celebrity to show up at your wedding, you can create the kind of invitations they use at their own weddings. Whether your wedding will be glamorous, themed or casual, begin by establishing the tone with handcrafted bespoke wedding invitations unique to your ceremony and celebration.

Go with a theme if fun and playfulness is your style. David Arquette and Courteney Cox sent photos of themselves in costumes for Halloween when they sent their invitations to guests. You can do the same by creating themed wedding invitations and placing them inside coordinating wedding folios.

If, like Victoria Adams (Posh Spice), you choose to wear a champagne colored wedding gown, opt for bespoke wedding invitations in a dupioni silk in the same color. It’s a simple touch that shows you paid attention to details and consistency.

Actress Jennifer Aniston choose roses and simple greenery for her wedding when she married Brad Pitt; you can take your cues from her color choices and use them in your special celebrity-style wedding invitations by selecting green silk and a white satin ribbon as the accent.

Splash a whole lot of your favorite color about as you are planning and inviting guests. For example when Trista and Ryan, of Bachelorette fame, got married, everything was done in pink, from the flowers to the favour boxes, the rose champagne to the decor, and of course, your bespoke wedding invitations can also be in your favorite color. For an elegant touch, consider layering color on top of color. Select a pink silk bound with a pink ribbon and fastened with either a pink flower or pink rhinestones in a brooch.

You can emulate the style of your favorite celebrity, copying it detail for detail. What’s really important, however, is developing your own sense of taste and style, and then showcasing it in the way a celebrity would. That doesn’t always mean spending huge amounts of money.

Flaunting your celebrity style means knowing how to maximize the smallest of details so that everything comes together flawlessly. You begin with your wedding invitation, creating a handcrafted wedding box that you’ll want to look at as much as you want to enjoy your ring in the years to come.

Now that you have created the perfect bespoke wedding invitation, you might try mailing off one of them to your favorite celebrity. Even if he or she doesn’t attend your wedding you might get a nice card with their signature on it.