Create the Right Impression with Wedding Invitation Boxes

Hand-made box for wedding invitations


For brides and grooms who want to send elaborate wedding invitations to their guests, the wedding invitation box is a must have. Those precious invitations cannot travel without the protection of proper boxing.

Wedding invitation boxes are the safest way to send luxury, handmade or couture invitations to their destinations.

Many invitations today involve layers of card stock, paper, fabric, lace and ribbon. They may have been etched, laser cut or embossed on fragile surfaces like glass or thin wood, and wedding invitation boxes are the best protection for the most significant message an engaged couple will send to their guests. As important as the upcoming wedding is, the invitation must arrive in perfect condition, especially if it has been handmade.

These boxes also create the right impression when the wedding invitation arrives, either in the mail or by special delivery.

The sumptuous luxury box portends the style and tone of the wedding. The act of opening the box creates anticipation in the receiver, because one thing above all else is true: only the most important wedding invitations are sent in special boxes.

Sizes and thicknesses of the wedding invitation boxes vary depending on the intended contents. Thicker boxes allow for more customization of the invitation, and you can assured worried brides that any embellishments on the invitation itself will arrive intact.

Boxed wedding invitations
Example of wedding invitation card in a box

Help the bride choose the box style based on the design of her wedding invitation. It is appropriate to employ a standard box designed with separate bottom and lid, but other choices are also available for the discerning couple. Hinged lids can be very traditional, and gated boxes or those with doors open with dramatic flair.

Covered in the bride’s choice of fabrics, the boxes give wedding invitations the premier status that they deserve. Silk or satin coverings suggest how formal the event will be. Simple and unaffected adornments may hint of a more casual affair, whereas over the top opulence announces a more formal wedding.

Consider, too, how the boxes will be embellished. Exquisite brooches or clasps of pearl and rhinestone top off the package for a complete look. Luxury ribbon, exotic feathers and silk flowers may also be added so that each box resembles a fine, thoughtful gift.

Conventional wisdom tells you to coordinate the box color with the bride’s wedding colors, but this year’s trends lean toward mixing and matching color tones and hues. Brides are leaning toward combining a variety of tones and hues in the same color palette, and this year’s bride can do the same with her invitations and the boxes in which they arrive.

For the best impression possible, wedding invitation boxes set a clear standard of luxury for intricate and layered wedding invitations of distinction.