Craft Perfect Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations



If you are following any of the wedding trends this year, you’ve seen how important the wedding invitations are.

Brides, grooms and their mothers spend considerable time pouring overing options, and with good reason. There are many decisions to make about the invitations you are sending to your guests.

You have one chance to set the tone for the most important day of your life, and the invitations you send to your guests must be as perfect as you intend your wedding day to be.

Here’s what to look for.



The best invitations arrive on premier paper. You have plenty of choices in wedding invitation paper, from linen to vellum, and everything in-between.

Make sure you select the heaviest paper weight you can get. Opt for 80l lb. paper and higher, if you are given the choice.The quality is unbeatable, and it will withstand embossing, which is still a preferred trend for invitations this year.

The thicker paper offers a substantial surface for additional embellishments, too.


A Word about Wording

Using a cafeteria-plan style of lifting only the phrases you like for your wedding will likely give you a rather unpleasant mash-up of language. Sending invitations with the wrong tone — either too informal or too formal — will reveal that your wording came from six or seven websites, and the invitation won;t have a sense of style or flow.

Work with your wedding planner to craft the right phrasing and tone for your invitations.

It is customary that whoever is paying for the wedding leads the invitation with something like “ ‘The Parents of’ or ‘Bride’s Name and Groom’s Name’ request the honor of your presence . . . .” if the wedding is formal.

Today’s more casual invitations often drop the request altogether and strike a more informal tone, like “The surf’s up, and Bride and Groom are down for getting married . . . “

Pulling Everything Together

Wedding invitations are much more than an invitation.

You’ll need to decide on any other inserts that must go with the invitations, such as RSVP cards, parking information and more.

When you have a clear picture of everything a guest will need, your nest step is to select how it all goes together. By the time you assemble an invitation with embellishments and all the additional inserts, you likely will need something bigger and more protective than a traditional paper envelope.

Explore folios, silk envelopes and invitation boxes in which you can send your wedding invitations. For example, a luxury wedding envelope featuring ivory silk and pearl button with padding can be an elegant way to house your invitation, or you may prefer an invitation box wrapped in luxurious duping silk.

Your wedding invitations will be perfect if you talk the time to carefully craft them with the right materials, wording and prevention.