Couture Wedding Invitation Boxes That Impress

When it’s time to plan a couture wedding steeped in luxury, it’s time consider every detail, from the invitation itself and the printing of the words on it, to the inserts and envelopes, as well as the couture wedding invitation box and mailer.

Elegance cannot be plucked from the shelf, purchased like a common box of fill-in-the blank cards.

Elegance is created from a vision and inspired by superior quality materials that stand out above common invitations and envelopes. Couture wedding invitation boxes provide the elegance you must have for luxury wedding events.

These boxes are the premier choice for presenting luxury wedding invitations that command attention.

Current style trends for these boxes dictate that the box must be padded and covered in elegant fabric. Gossamer silks, taffetas and velvets take the top three slots in fabric choices, but a variety of fabrics can be used for the presentation case.

The boxes are then designed with discreet pockets on the inner lid, and these pockets hold additional inserts required beyond placards and other information sent with the invitation. Sumptuous couture wedding invitation boxes feature ribbon-hinged lids, luxury embellishments of wide ribbons and sophisticated rhinestone clasps, buckles and brooches. Your invitation boxes may even feature the monogram of the wedding couple.

It’s important to choose colors and embellishments that have significant meaning for the couple getting married. This personal touch adds panache to the invitations being sent out.

Mature luxury makes no finer announcement of a wedding than the Fleur de Lis Wedding Invitation, Charcoal Dupioni Silk & Large Rhinestone Brooch. The pewter-colored silk gives an aura of old-world elegance, and a contrasting ribbon of gold pinned with a Fleur de Lis brooch assures the potential guest that something special is inside.

There are plenty of contemporary designs available for your couture wedding invitation boxes as well. Design the size you want for the box, and dream how you want it created. You can choose the fabric, the color and the embellishment to create a couture look that has been handcrafted with quality.

Select boxes designed with tone on tone colors, such as ivory fabric and an ivory ribbon, or opt for contrasting colors to catch the eye and make a statement.

If you can dream it, it can be done. There’s no limit to creating sensational luxury couture wedding invitation boxes that deliver a subliminal message with the invitation. The message is that true elegance comes from a vision that transcends the common.

The result is the kind of haute couture that defines your luxury wedding.