Eco shopping bag sold wholesale

The Environmental Benefits of Using Eco Bags, or Cotton and Linen Bags

These days, more and more people are aware of the environmental challenges facing the world. Whether it’s limited our use of plastics, using public transportation or walking when possible, or any number of other eco-friendly lifestyle choices, being environmentally responsible is finally fashionable.
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red velvet envelope for wedding invitations

Explore Handmade Invitations And Bespoke, Personalized Stationery For Weddings – Make Your Special Day Even More Special!

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. It’s a time when you commit to another person for life – in front of friends, family, and loved ones. So why settle for generic, non-personalized wedding invitations?

We are experts in the creation of luxury wedding invitations and stationery. By shopping our line of products, you can get truly custom, bespoke wedding invitations – for just a fraction of the cost of invitations from another company.
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Asian decor cushion cover

3 Unique Ideas To Get You Started With Asian And Oriental Home Decor!

There’s nothing like Asian decor to liven up a room, and give it a unique style and flair. Too often, we don’t think about how our surroundings affect us. The decoration of your home, office, or business is important.

One of the best ways to decorate your home or business is with Asian decor from Prestige Creations. We offer silk cushions and silk pillows, and so much more at our Asian decor wholesale website.

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Asian decoration designs

Exotic, Beautiful, And Versatile – How You Can Use Asian Decor In Your Home Or Business!

At Prestige Creations, we manufacture and design a huge variety of Asian-inspired products, such as decorative cushions, textiles, throws, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous set of bedsheets, a new blanket, or any other textile, we’ve got the best selection of Asian products – all manufactured for utmost quality in Thailand.

Need some inspiration, and to see how you can use our products in your home, or in your hospitality business? Take a look at some of our ideas for using our products now – and start shopping today!
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Thai silk wedding invitation box

Discover Luxury Handmade Wedding Boxes, Couture Invitations, Wedding Folder & Personalised Silk Cosmetic Bag Creations Of Prestige Creations

Discover the endless possibilities of handmade silk wedding invitations, wedding folder, silk folios, linen invitations, lace invitations and high end wedding boxes with rhinestone brooches featuring silk, velvet and linen. Prestige Creations is a factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand designing and manufacturing high end wedding invitations, wedding boxes, boxed wedding invitations, wedding stationary and unique silk gift bags since 2006. Their creative products have been exported to all over the world with big wholesale demand in USA, Australia, UAE and South Africa. Prestige Creations Co.,Ltd. has a passion to permanently create new wedding invitations and has been setting trends in the wedding invitation industry ever since.
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lace wedding invitations

Vintage Pearl Lace Wedding Invitations For Your Special Day Announcement

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be perfect. Just a view of us decide on a vintage themed wedding. The wedding stationary recommended is a beautiful handmade lace invitation pocket folder featuring pearl brooch embellishment. There are too many vintage invitations out there, but with this handmade invitation design you can do nothing wrong. At the end of the day you only have to decide on the size and color of our vintage lace invitation design.

We recommend a standard size of 6 x 7 inches and cards to be a slight bit smaller like 5.5 x 6.50 inches to suit the folder size perfectly.
Our featured design has a larger pearl brooch embellishment symbolising what the to be invited guest will expect on your wedding day.

Lace wedding invitations are also a perfect keepsake and will be kept and remembered for long by your friends and guest that receive such invite.

Mix and match
Many brides decide to decorate the wedding table with lace fabrics matching to the invitation design. This could mean also to integrate a pearl brooch for example to the wedding table decoration by putting them on the napkins as napkin holder or as a decorative item onto the chair decoration.

Wedding stationary

Find out about all the wedding stationery you need for a classy wedding!

Any couple would want their wedding to be absolutely perfect. For this they must get all the wedding stationery right. Wedding stationery consists of all the items which can be used during the wedding events and ceremonies. There are so many stationery items that are required in a wedding. It is always better to prepare a checklist so you do not miss out on anything.

According to the theme of the wedding the stationery can be bought. If the theme of a wedding is gold then all the wedding invitation cards can be arranged such that they all have a hint of golden in them. The theme should be subtle yet easily able to identify. Invitations are no longer just a printed card kept inside an envelope. There has been a total reconstruction of wedding invitations.

It is not just wedding invitations that have to be sent out. The other varieties of cards are:

  • Bridesmaid card – This is one adorable way to tell your closest friends that they have been chosen to be your bridesmaids.
  • Ceremony Booklets – Weddings are not an event where people would like major surprises. It is best to prepare a ceremony booklet so the guests are aware of the different events and ceremonies that are to take place that day
  • Place cards – At most weddings these days, place cards are already kept on the table. This makes it easy for the guests as they do not have to go around looking for a place.

Wedding stationery usually consists of different materials of paper. Once the different types of cards to be given out are decided the material can be chosen. It is always better to prepare a budget. This way you’ll know if you are exceeding your own budget and need to cut down somewhere else.

With the help of wedding stationery it is easy to make many of the items at home itself. There are many do – it – yourselves ideas available online. Handmade boxes can be made with the stationery. The warmth and care that handmade boxes show cannot be compared to store bought ones. The boxes can be used to keep invitation cards or add a little favor in those boxes. While making handmade boxes, each box can be personalized so that the guest feels valued. Even small details can make a difference in a wedding.

Luxury wedding box invitations from Thailand

Why go for a simple wedding box when you can go luxury wedding boxes

Weddings are such a special and grand event for an entire family. Even the distant relatives are excited for a wedding in the family. When weddings are such notable occasions then why should your wedding box be ordinary? Wedding boxes have always been in use but now luxury wedding boxes are in fashion. It can give a grand feel to the entire wedding. There are a number of designers who can provide you with the best wedding boxes. Luxury wedding boxes mean that the box must be chic, stylish and a trendsetter.

A wedding box is something which even the guests look forward to. If a luxury wedding box is designed the guests will surely remember the wedding. There are small things which can make a wedding, a wedding to be remembered. The luxury wedding box is one which has an entirely new concept and can be tailor – made according to the theme of the wedding. Luxury wedding boxes must be creative. The concept for luxury boxes must be different and out of the box, pardon the pun! There is a new concept in luxury wedding boxes, an explosion box. On opening the lid of the box, the contents ‘explode’ out of it.

Luxury wedding boxes are an easy way to achieve that goal. When designing and choosing a wedding box it must be appealing to the eyes and should be usable at the same time. If it cannot be used for anything else it will most probably be kept in a far away corner, forgotten forever. Luxury wedding boxes can be used either to keep favors or they can also be modified to send wedding invitations to guests.

Wedding boxes can also be used as a ring box. This way, the beauty of the rings can be enhanced. Wedding boxes can look luxurious when a beautiful or touching quote is embossed on it. Weddings are an emotional event. They can truly become a poignant event with the help of the quote written on the wedding boxes.

Whatever item is kept within the luxurious wedding box will become more appealing. It can be favors, invitation cards or any other wedding stationery. Once the wedding is over, guests can use the wedding box to keep jewelry. If living king size is your aim, and then luxury wedding boxes are just the thing for you. Choose these wedding boxes to make you feel like a real life king.

Luxury couture wedding invitations

Choose the perfect couture wedding invitation for your grand wedding

Most couples want their wedding to be stylish and grand. When it comes to wedding invitations, it must be luxurious as well. Wedding these days is getting more splendid. Each couple wants their wedding to be different and unforgettable. High – end invitations are prepared with different designs for each wedding. The couture invitations use luxury paper while decorating it. All the stationery that goes into making a high – end invitation is the most stylish one available.

The couture wedding invitations can be given in boxes. This adds sophistication to your wedding. The material used in couture invitations is also luxurious. There are designers who design wedding invitation cards which will stand out from other invitation cards. They are made of silk and brocade materials. The colors used in such high end invitations are usually not that bright. A decent color palette is chosen. Gold and silver are two colors which can make the invitation really exquisite.

The designer combines his fashion sense and your taste to design the perfect high end invitation card. It is guaranteed that one look at the card and all the guests will not be able to stop raving about it. A decorative item found in most high- end wedding invitation cards is rhinestones and pearl embellished on it. Presentation plays an integral role in any event. Couture invitations are also an example of good presentation. Wedding invitations are not just about the words written in it but it’s also about the overall styling.

The couture wedding invitation can convert an ordinary simple wedding to extra ordinary. The choice of color and design of a card can speak volumes about the couple. You wouldn’t want to come off as loud and flashy by going for an ordinary wedding card which has no style. With the help of couture designers handmade personalized cards can be designed. Handmade invitations can add an additional allure to the invitation cards.

It is important that the design of the wedding cards be decided in advance. These wedding cards have to be sent to relatives who probably live far away. They may not be able to attend the wedding but will surely be impressed by the design and polished look of the invitation. When it comes to couture invitation it may take time for the final designing and printing. Make sure you choose your wedding invitation wisely and select the best only.

wedding favor boxes

Wedding Favor Boxes can play an important role in Weddings

Wedding favors is a return gift or memento given as a token of appreciation for coming to the wedding. Wedding favors have been given to guests since time immemorial. It adds a touch of elegance to your wedding. The wedding planning is incomplete without deciding which favor to give and in which type of box. Wedding favors are almost as important as the menu of the wedding reception. Both must be decided months in advance so that the wedding process can be carried out smoothly.

There are a few couples who do not put in any thought while choosing the favors. Favors are something which will be taken by the guest. If the favor item or the wedding favor box is not extraordinary, the guests will leave the wedding and completely forget about it.

  • Historical Significance

There is a historical significance of giving wedding favors. In ancient Europe, the gifts given to the guests at a wedding were called bonbonniere. The material of these ancient wedding favor boxes was usually metal or porcelain. They were smaller in size compared to the favor boxes given out now. The significance of giving favors was that by giving favors, the luck from the wedding could be transferred to the guests as well.

At times, the favor box gets left at the wedding venue or thrown away somewhere in a corner. This is because the favors do not hold any value for the guests. So even the favors must be chosen thoughtfully.

  • Latest Trends in Wedding Favor Boxes

Once the favor is decided the next important step is to choose the kind of box it should be kept in. The variety of favor boxes is astonishing. They can be as big as you want. Some people prefer small and cute favor boxes while others prefer large luxurious ones. The latest trend in favor boxes includes intricate details on the box. There are some couples who prefer handmade boxes rather than machine made bulk ones. There are companies which make bulk handmade boxes which can be used as wedding favor boxes.

What makes handmade favor boxes special is that they can be personalized. A little name tag added on top of the box can make the guest feel important and would make the wedding a memorable event for them. The color and theme of the wedding favor box can be matched with the entire