Exotic, Beautiful, And Versatile – How You Can Use Asian Decor In Your Home Or Business!

Asian decoration designs

At Prestige Creations, we manufacture and design a huge variety of Asian-inspired products, such as decorative cushions, textiles, throws, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous set of bedsheets, a new blanket, or any other textile, we’ve got the best selection of Asian products – all manufactured for utmost quality in Thailand.

Need some inspiration, and to see how you can use our products in your home, or in your hospitality business? Take a look at some of our ideas for using our products now – and start shopping today!

Reed & Silk Table Runners – Rustic, Durable, And Beautiful!

Looking to accent outdoor patios, sunrooms, or dining rooms with a durable and long-lasting table runner? Our Reed & Silk Table Runner is hand-crafted in Thailand with a 100% reed material, consisting only of the most high-quality reeds available in the country. It’s built on a 100% Thai silk backing, created in a 4-ply design to add durability.

The result is a table runner and mat that’s rustic and durable, but still refined and appropriate enough for almost any occasion! It’s particularly useful for outdoor occasions, as the reed design helps lend a naturalistic beauty to your table!

You can also pair this table runner with other products from Prestige Creations, such as our 100% Thai hemp fabric – ideal for making beautiful tablecloths of any shape and size! Combined, hemp and reed complement each other beautifully – the thick reeds help bring out the roughened, yet subtle texture of the hemp fabric.

Our Reed Coasters & Placemats also pair exceptionally well with the aforementioned products. This elegant set of placemats and coasters is built with the same materials as our table runners – allowing you to maintain a consistent design and aesthetic for your dining table!

Whether you’re a hotel manager decorating an outdoor dining area, or a homeowner looking to add an extra flair of exoticism to your dining room, these products are all fantastic choices for you!

Why Decorate With Our Products? The Advantages Of Thai Hemp And Silk Fabrics!

Why should you choose Thai hemp and silk fabrics from Prestige Creations? We’re glad you asked!

● 100% natural – All of our materials are 100% natural, and sourced from only the best farms and manufacturers. You can trust us to deliver exceptional quality – no matter what products you buy from us.

● Completely authentic – Unlike some other companies that manufacture Asian textiles, our design and craftsmanship is completely authentic – and takes place exclusively in Thailand!

● Affordable prices – Our network of suppliers allows us to provide you with exceptional deals on the very best Asian fabrics, textiles, and more. With Prestige Creations, you get more for your money – guaranteed.

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