Find out about all the wedding stationery you need for a classy wedding!

Wedding stationary

Any couple would want their wedding to be absolutely perfect. For this they must get all the wedding stationery right. Wedding stationery consists of all the items which can be used during the wedding events and ceremonies. There are so many stationery items that are required in a wedding. It is always better to prepare a checklist so you do not miss out on anything.

According to the theme of the wedding the stationery can be bought. If the theme of a wedding is gold then all the wedding invitation cards can be arranged such that they all have a hint of golden in them. The theme should be subtle yet easily able to identify. Invitations are no longer just a printed card kept inside an envelope. There has been a total reconstruction of wedding invitations.

It is not just wedding invitations that have to be sent out. The other varieties of cards are:

  • Bridesmaid card – This is one adorable way to tell your closest friends that they have been chosen to be your bridesmaids.
  • Ceremony Booklets – Weddings are not an event where people would like major surprises. It is best to prepare a ceremony booklet so the guests are aware of the different events and ceremonies that are to take place that day
  • Place cards – At most weddings these days, place cards are already kept on the table. This makes it easy for the guests as they do not have to go around looking for a place.

Wedding stationery usually consists of different materials of paper. Once the different types of cards to be given out are decided the material can be chosen. It is always better to prepare a budget. This way you’ll know if you are exceeding your own budget and need to cut down somewhere else.

With the help of wedding stationery it is easy to make many of the items at home itself. There are many do – it – yourselves ideas available online. Handmade boxes can be made with the stationery. The warmth and care that handmade boxes show cannot be compared to store bought ones. The boxes can be used to keep invitation cards or add a little favor in those boxes. While making handmade boxes, each box can be personalized so that the guest feels valued. Even small details can make a difference in a wedding.