Wedding Invitation Tips

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Worthy tips related to your wedding invitations 

Selecting your wedding invitations is simple if you follow a few important tips that will help you to narrow down your selection. Designs vary on several facets including color, texture, calligraphy, and style. Each one of these facets can be implemented to create a unique look while offering a hint to the theme or style of event that the bride and groom will have on their wedding day.

Choosing your wedding invitations to follow the formality of the event is critical in coordinating your wedding. The invitation gives the guests a glimpse into the type of wedding ceremony and reception you have planned. It allows your guests a chance to plan what they will purchase as a gift as well as what they will wear to the events.

If your wedding is to be an informal event at the beach, then informal or casual invitations are in order. On the other hand, if you are planning a formal event at a church or suitable location, you are probably going to want to select invitations with a more traditional style. Your guests are likely to select their attire in accordance with the styling of the invitation as well as the location of the events.

Now that you have the style of your invitation chosen, you can consider the color of the text as well as the coloring of the invitation paper itself. Many brides elect to have the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses as the color for the text. Even though the majority of wedding invitations are white, off white, or some variation of these, it is possible to purchase pastel colored or patterned notes.

In fact, paper with a floral pattern is becoming more and more popular with today’s brides. Selecting any color at all for the text will suggest to your guests that your wedding is also implementing that color throughout the event. The only colors that don’t suggest this idea are black, gold, and silver.

The response cards should also match the invitations in every aspect. While their importance is critical in planning the wedding reception, their styling is simply a matter of practicality.

For those brides who have an abundance of funds set aside for this special day, customized wedding invitations can be the best way to create a unique design that says it all. Customized designs are readily obtainable online or through specialty shops.