Sweet Dreams and Invitation Boxes are Made of This

invitation box

Most people have at least one event in their lives that causes them to dream about sending out the perfect invitations. It’s a sweet dream to think about as you imagine the impressed look on your guests’ faces when they receive your invitation box and the invitation inside.

A long time ago musicians like the Eurythmics and even Marilyn Manson sang the song Sweet Dreams with these lyrics:

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world

And the seven seas . . . .

Dennis Wisser has already traveled the world for you, seeking new trends and ideas to help you create the customized invitation boxes of your dreams.

It’s important to find a designer who understands what your unique needs are, and that this designer knows how to help you find the sweet spot in design and price. Producing the right box for your invitations is about far more than quantity; it’s about the quality.

By using our design expertise and your inspiration, you can make your sweet dreams come true with the right invitation boxes for your events, from parties and quinces to galas and weddings.

And the best part? Anything is possible.

Your invitation boxes are the first reveal that hints at the invitation that lies within, so the box itself must convey the theme. You can bring your theme together with custom fabric coverings and designs. You are limited only by your imagination, but Dennis Wisser has already done much of the legwork for you.

Some of our best box designs include both hinged and removable lids, and each style creates a unique experience when your guest opens his or her invitation. Hinged lids help to build the suspense in opening the box, and a removable lid creates anticipation similar to opening a precious gift.

Next, select the fabric of your choice. Whether it’s exotic, extreme or eco-friendly, you’re in good hands if you’ve selected a manufacturer with experience using a variety of fabrics. Look for a partner who knows how the maximize the sophisticated beauty of taffeta, silk and velvet. Make sure that your vendor is also versatile and is willing to experiment with vintage lace as well as contemporary fabrics like denim jeans.

No box, whether for invitations or other purposes, is finished without the right embellishments. From supple satin ribbons to brilliantly bedecked brooches, the embellishments are like icing on a cake. They add the final touch of elegance that identifies every box as something special.

If you can dream it, a top-notch manufacturer can do it. And your invitation boxes will never be sweeter!