Exquisite Custom Wedding Invitations Trending Now

Handmade Wedding Invitations

If you think that planning a big wedding takes the strategic skills of a five star general as well as the team of personnel that supports him, you’re right.

It seems like as soon as you say “I do,” you find yourself in a constant state of “I am.” There are a tremendous amount of tasks to accomplish before your wedding date. Even if you hire a wedding coordinator, there are tasks that require you personal attention.

You might not care how the slipcovers on the chairs at your reception will be fastened, but you definitely will want a say in your custom wedding invitations.

Custom wedding invitations, you say?

Yes, because discerning brides are opting for personalized invitations that express their personality and creativity. The time when brides looked at an invitation option, selected one of three paper colors, chose one of six fonts and inserted names and dates has long passed.

Custom wedding invitation trends today allow for incredible freedom of expression in the design of your invitation, the wording and how it will be presented.

Let’s take a look.

Invitation design

Plain card stock invitations with no design on them are still available, but before you try the vanilla version of wedding invitations, consider the choices you have. Modern brides are selecting personalized wedding invitations printed with intricate Jacobean floral designs as well as invitations dressed with simple patterns.

You’ll find informal polka-dots, structured chevrons and more formal patterns as well. Patterns can be personalized, too, symbolizing everything from the plaid wool blanket the two of you took to every football game, to images from family heraldry.

Invitation wording

You didn’t always have much choice in wording when it came to trying to create customized wedding invitations. Brides were often relegated to something like, “[The bride’s parents] request the honor of your presence . . . .”, but today’s invitation encourage you to express yourself.

You get to choose whether you want something as informal as “Y’all come,” or you want to request your guest’s presence. Often, the bride and groom’s names take the place of the bride’s parents on the invitation because quite a few couples pay for most if not all of the wedding expenses.


It’s true that presentation is everything. You don’t want to send out exquisite custom wedding invitations, only to stuff them into an envelope that won’t preserve the invitation’s customization.

To organize the presentation of your invitation, you’ll need to consider whether you need or want invitation folios or inserts, invitation boxes or envelopes.

Sending out a wedding invitation that is highly personalized is something you’ll want to check off your to-do list fairly quickly, especially if DIY invitations are something you’ve had your heart set on.

All you need is some strategic planning and the willingness to be creative.