Luxurious Couture Style Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding Invitation Box

When thinking about wedding invitations, favors, and other stuff, you can select from the variety of wedding card boxes available today. The thing is, at times, it is the simplest option that will work best for your occasion. Thus, don’t spend too much time agonizing about unique wedding card boxes for invitations. This article will provide you creative ideas to make your own wedding boxes to fill with invitations, favors, cards, and many more.

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk wedding invitation box

Floral Double
Utilize a cube style box and wrap with beautiful ribbon. Make sure to check out paper and silk flowers online or from your local craft store. Search for two flowers that you can layer over each other, for example, a flat daisy may be combined with a rose on the top. Ensure that the bottom flower has the same width as the box, while the top one should have similar width as the center of the flower in the bottom.

Beautiful Butterflies
Silk invitation boxes go well with elegant, yet simple wedding. Just use a plain cube and wrap with a nice ribbon, present style. Place a feather butterfly or pretty fabric on top to complement your wedding theme and colors.


For wedding cake gift boxes, select a symmetrical box shape, like rectangle, square or round. Buy a square punch in two different sizes and cards that go with the color of your preferred favor boxes. Make sure to pick coordinating hues, like pink and cream. Utilize the punches to create two squares, one each from the two distinct colors. The bigger square must come from the coordinating color, while the smaller square should come from similar color card as your box. Appropriately layer the two cuts together – the small square on large and middle on the top of your box. After positioning them, glue a pearl or small flat gem in the center.
Select a medium sized satin ribbon in a matching color and wrap it around your favor boxes. Put the two ends jointly and tie in a bow style. Utilize some card in a matching hue, then cut out squares and use a decorative punch to create a shape in the center. Use beads and a small piece of craft wire; thread the beads on the craft wire and tag on at the back of the square that you cut out initially. You now have an attractive cut out shape with cute bead pieces in the center. Attach this to your wedding invitation boxes with double sided tape, ensuring that you also affixed it to the ribbon to hold it securely in place.

Classic Monograms
If you are into arts, you can create a wedding monogram on your pc, or you can also draw it freehand. Incorporate your wedding date below and if there is still space, you can also add a small motif. Cut them out to go well with the shape of your wedding favor boxes, cutting them about 2mm smaller and append to the lid of the boxes. Only use card that has similar color as your favor boxes.
Final Note
There are variety of styles and designs that you can use as inspiration when it comes to wedding card boxes. Research online and you’ll surely find the best boxes for your big day! Check out this luxury collection of boxed wedding invitation from Thailand