Choosing a Gown for Your Eco-Wedding

The eco wedding tips

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle reduces your carbon footprint on the planet’s environment and opens you up to a world of environmentally friendly practices. From the foods you eat to the cars you drive, living Earth-smart improves your life quality. Planning your wedding and sticking to your eco-lifestyle is as simple as switching from plastic grocery bags to cloth. Brides-to-be can even find their ideal gown and still stay green at their memorable eco-wedding.

The eco wedding tipsThrifty Chic

One aspect of being eco-conscious while searching for the perfect gown is to avoid buying a new one. Reusing a gown that has already been worn is cost friendly and allows you to recycle instead of purchasing a new dress. Check out your local thrift stores for vintage and gently used wedding gowns. If you’re a seamstress, you can have fun altering the gown to fit your needs. Wearing your mother’s wedding dress is another option that incorporates tradition with your eco-wedding.


Whether you choose a used dress or a brand new one, sticking to an environmentally friendly fabric adds to the authenticity of your eco-wedding. Materials such as hemp, organic cotton, organic silk and linen offer comfort, breathability and 100% eco-friendly materials with durability. Locate a website or trusted retailer of eco-clothing to find your ideal wedding gown.

Giving Back

Donating what you don’t use allows for you to stick to an eco-wedding theme while splurging on certain things such as food and wedding attire. Brides, bridesmaids and grooms can donate their wedding attire to various charities who provide formal clothing for people in need. Alternatively, brides who are skilled with a sewing machine can alter their gowns into something that can be worn more frequently. Putting the wedding gown to further use reduces the waste of materials used to construct it.

Miscellaneous Tips

Buy locally to help reduce the amount of child labor and destruction of natural habitats. Mass-produced clothing, even wedding dresses, are often manufactured overseas where the work ethics are despicable. Sometimes the materials used in the clothing manufactured overseas contain materials that are either unnatural or derived in unethical ways. Although this isn’t true of every manufacturer, buying locally helps support small business and reduces the materials made in countries with unethical standards. Hemp covered wedding invitation boxes made out of recycled cardboard materials from PRESTIGE CREATIONS might also be a great idea and contribution to our green planet.