Tips to style your home like a professional interior decorator

Home decor ideas

Home is one place where you can relax after spending a tiring day at the workplace or at school. It is very important that the house seems inviting has a relaxing décor.

  • The first tip to be remembered is that the house ornamentation should not be loud. The color scheme should be soothing to the eyes. The color of the paint can totally change the look of a room. Different rooms can have different wall colors. One mistake that many people make while doing their home décor is that they choose very bright colors. Obviously that does not mean that the room should have no colors. That will just end up making the room look dead.
  • At times due to the way a house is styled, it may look cluttered and tiny. The line between accessorizing your house and turning it into a junk place is blurred for many. To keep the rooms classy and sophisticated go for silk cushions. They can add to the beauty of a room without making it look too bright and garish. The couch arrangement should also be done in such a way that conversation can take place. A U – shaped or H shaped arrangement is the perfect setting.
  • To add a personalized touch to your room a few mementos or handmade items can be kept. A special gift which is close to your heart can be placed somewhere so the memories associated with it are kept alive.
  • Low furniture should be kept in a room which does not have a high ceiling. This will create a sense of fake height. The lighting of a house is also an important element in home décor. There are designer decorative lightings available. A few lamps and chandeliers can be added so that the room looks bright. They should be placed in areas where lighting is actually required.
  • Another important tip is that greenery can also be included in your home décor. The rooms feel fresher when there are a few small potted plants kept.

The most important tip when styling your home is that comfort should be the ultimate aim. If a home is warm and inviting all the home décor items will appear to be in harmony. Each house has its flaws and its strengths. A good home décor is one which is able to hide those flaws and bring out the strengths.