Great Ideas for Your Potluck Wedding Reception

Great Ideas for Your Potluck Wedding Reception

Potluck-Wedding-ReceptionAre you hoping to cut costs for your upcoming wedding, whose guests consist mostly of family members and close friends who won’t have to fly in from out of town? Then why not have a potluck reception? There’s something thoroughly communal and exciting about potluck that brings people closer together. Instead of gifts, guests bring and share their signature dish–traditional wedding etiquette be damned. Here are four awesome ideas for a memorable potluck-style wedding reception.


Is a potluck wedding reception feasible? If yours is a small backyard wedding that is more or less a family get-together, then go ahead and do a potluck. A potluck reception is most suitable for a casual, laid-back affair. As for the nitty-gritty of the potluck reception etiquette: no dollar dances and no bridal registry. The dish that a guest brings to the reception–that’s the gift. And don’t obligate guests to bring dishes. If there are invitees coming in from out of state, be considerate and tell them they don’t have to bring food to the reception. Don’t forget to write thank-you notes even for those who decided not to bring anything.


Aside from providing the utensils, plates, buffet-style warmers, and other essentials, be prepared to serve the main dishes. Think barbecue reception, where you offer the grilled meats and the breads. Then your guests can bring a variety of side dishes and salads to complement the main fare. Or how about a Tuscany-themed buffet spread, where delicious Italian foods are on offer? Other viable themes to consider include vegetarian, gluten-free, and Asian-inspired cuisine.


When you ask guests about what food they plan to bring, you might also want to get the recipes for those dishes. Compile the recipes into a “cookbook” to give to any guest who might be interested.


Don’t forget to plan where you’re going to source the drinks. Some guests who are not into cooking can bring drinks such as gallons of lemonade or mixed drinks. Shop for drinks in bulk, as well, so there will be enough for everybody.

Some people will frown at the concept of a potluck wedding reception, but it can work beautifully if the circumstances are right. A potluck wedding reception can be hosted in good taste. It all depends on how it’s done.

Budget Invitations

You can get your invitations done by using mulberry paper materials which is environment friendly and cheaper than luxury silk wedding invitation boxes. DIY cards can be great fun and cut cost, too!

5 Out Of The Ordinary Invitations

5 Out Of The Ordinary Invitations

We expect invitations to birthday parties, weddings, and graduations, but there may be some events you don’t think about as often. Invite cards are always special, and here are some you may need in the upcoming months.

Reunion Invitations – There are several kinds of reunions including family, high school and college, and military. No matter which kind of get together you are hosting, you can find the perfect customizable invitation. Choose from a large selection of trendy and colorful invite cards for your next event.

family-reunionGoing Away Party Invitations – Whether you are hosting a party for a friend going on a cruise, moving to a new state, going off to college, or entering the military, you’ll want the perfect invitation for the special event. Browse through a great selection of customizable choices and select the one that perfectly suits your occasion.

Good Eats Invitations – Tailgate parties, backyard barbecues, beach cookouts, and picnics at the lake all deserve a trendy invitation to send to guests. Choose from a huge selection of cards, including photo cards, retro designs, and modern styles for your “good eating” party.

Poker Party Invitations – Invite your poker pals to a great party with one of several fantastic card designs. Bright colors and great style will bring a big turnout to your game night.
Prestige Invitations – Get out the Hawaiian shirts and flower leis, because it is Luau time! Choose from a great selection of bright and beautiful invitations that feature the flavor of Hawaii.
Whatever the occasion, you can select and customize the perfect invitation to invite your guests. Don’t get too excited, visit us today on

Planning A Traditional Wedding – Should You Elope?

Planning A Traditional Wedding – Should You Elope?

Planning a traditional wedding can be tedious. Plus, it usually comes with a five- or six-figure price tag. Thus, some couples prefer to just head to the courthouse and quietly tie the knot without going through months of wedding planning, tackling complicated inter-family dynamics, and spending a lot of money–money that could be used by the couple to start their new life together. Some people, on the other hand, prefer eloping to a romantic location and get married with only a handful of people to witness the event.

In some cases, elopement and opting for a civil wedding ceremony are inevitable. When religious or cultural traditions clash between the families of the bride and the groom, getting married through a civil wedding ceremony may be the most diplomatic way to tie the knot.

Bride with flowers
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Is elopement for you? Well, it depends on what you and your spouse-to-be really want. Would you rather have a private ceremony to avoid the stress of planning and spending for a traditional wedding? Is preparing for starting your life together a much bigger priority than the happy memories you can capture by sharing your special day with your friends and family in a traditional wedding ceremony and reception?

So, should you just elope then? The decision is all up to you and your fiancé. Talk it over, weigh your priorities, and evaluate how much of your resources you can devote to, say, getting hitched in style with all the bells and whistles included. Just remember that what makes both of you happy is the most important thing.

If you choose to elope, you should still observe proper etiquette. Send out a string of announcements after the elopement. And since you are likely to receive gifts after making the announcements, write sincere thank-you notes and send them right back to the people who sent you gifts.

5 Out Of The Box Bridal Shower Invitations

5 Out Of The Box Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal showers are full of excitement, laughs, sharing, and an occasional tear. If you are planning a shower for a friend, you’ll want to look at some of the following “out of the box” invitations.

Black and Pink Chalkboard – This adorable heart shaped invitation is chalkboard black with two pretty hearts and pink and white lettering. The reverse side of the card contains all the necessary shower information. Other shape options are available, including wavy, antique, and elegant.

Blushing Bride Winter Pink – This invitation is perfect for the winter bridal shower. Delicate bright white snowflakes adorn the left side of the card, with plenty of room left to list the party information and bridal registries. Several trim options are available for this design, including ticket, bracket, and square.

Whimsical Field of Flowers – White, pink, and purple flowers on a soft gray background create a lovely bridal shower invitation. This card is customizable and if you prefer a different palette, many other colors are available.

Pink Butterflies and Flowers – Beautiful white flowers are surrounded by pretty butterflies on a soft pink background to create a stunning bridal shower invitation. You have the option to choose square or rounded corners.

Beach Watercolors – This charming bridal shower invitation appears to have just been removed from an artist’s easel, with starfish and a soft watercolor wash. It’s a beautiful choice for an outdoor or indoor setting.

Any of these beautiful bridal shower invitations will delight the recipient as well as the guest of honor.

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Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk wedding invitation box
DIY Luxury Silk Invitation Boxes

DIY Luxury Silk Invitation Boxes

Crafting silk invitation boxes can integrate a whimsical appeal and feel when you invite guests to your wedding celebration and even other special events. Beyond the magical look, this kind of invitation permits you to showcase all the essential components that will make your wedding day extra special.

In actual fact, a customized silk box wedding invitation can be your distinct version of a stylish container where you can place special items to celebrate your special day. You can incorporate extra drama as well as character to your invitation by following the simple steps enumerated below.


– Silk fabric
– Plain cardboard boxes
– Fabric glue or glue dots
– Double-sided tape
– Decorative paper (Saa paper)
– Ruler
– Paper cutter and scissors
– Pencil
– Glitter, ribbon, glass beads, and other ornamentation (optional)

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk covered box for wedding invitation

What to Do
Gauge the outside dimension of the cover of the box. You can also position the cover upside down on the rear of the decorative paper that you’ll be utilizing to embellish the box. While in this position, make use of the pencil and trace the outer surface of the cover. You may need to allocate an extra quarter of an inch when you trace the box cover to ensure that you have sufficient extra paper to wrap the lid completely.
Using paper cutter or a paper scissor, you can then cut the paper on the lines you measured or traced.
Apply the adhesive, place double-sided tape, and put glue dots or paper glue to the backside of the ornamental paper. Place it to the cover of the box making certain that it is appropriately lined up on the edges, at the top segment, and the lip of the box. Even out the paper to eliminate air pockets as well as wrinkles that may become visible in the silk invitation boxes as you append the decorative paper. Fold over the paper on the corners of the cover using the same technique when you wrap a gift box with a wrapping paper.
Cut the ribbon and make sure that it will fit the cover of the invitation box.  Place glue dots to the bottom part of the ribbon and fasten it around the sides of the cover to grant them a finished look.
Incorporate silk fabric. Measure a sufficient amount of silk fabric to cover the sides and bottom of the invitation boxes. Place the box on the top of the silk and use double-sided tape or glue dots to attach the silk fabric to the box. Take the silk up and over into the interior of the box, folding it to ensure that the fabric will glue and taut in place.
Place the printed invitation to the bottom of the interior of the box. You can put it into place with glue dots or paper glue so it securely suits in the bottom of the invitation box when it is open.
You can then add the finishing touches to your handmade invitation boxes by incorporating your chosen glass beads, glitters, and other embellishments. You can also place additional decorations to the exterior of your invitation boxes.
If you have the budget, you can always shop from wholesale handbags outlets or online for elegant and unique silk invitation boxes

Wedding Cake Gift Boxes Your Guest Will Love

Wedding Cake Gift Boxes Your Guest Will Love

There are truly special and memorable moments in a person’s life. Birthdays are well celebrated, as well as graduation, and even the first job. But there is one day that only happens once in a lifetime for some, it is their wedding day. If you are too excited in your coming wedding day, the happiness may be overpowered by the stress and workload involved in the preparation, like the setting, dress, and even the cake. To help you prepare better, this article will assess at one small yet very critical factor in your big day, and that is the wedding cake gift boxes.
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Luxury Silk Boxes Are A Great Way To Celebrate & Memorialize Your Wedding Invitations

Luxury Silk Boxes Are A Great Way To Celebrate & Memorialize Your Wedding Invitations

When preparing for your wedding, you always think about the special people in your life that you would like to be a part of your big day. You also choose a keepsake to give to your guests for them to remember that they were part of the most special moment of your life.

A great way to celebrate and memorialize your wedding is to send invitations that represent you and your partner’s personality. And the best option when it comes to wedding invitations is to look for wholesale silk invitation boxes that will serve as one of the wonderful memento gifts to your wedding guests.

The Silk Materials
Different types of silk are widely available in the market today. When it comes to silk invitation boxes, the options include Chinese, Dupioni, Italian, Thai, and faux silk. Keep in mind that each of these materials has their own distinct properties and furnishes specific theme, feel, and look to the invitation boxes. Choose a silk that represent your style, taste, and your budget.

Chinese Silk – This is the most popular when it comes to silk fabric. Chinese silk is machine woven for the most part, giving smooth with a satin-like end product. Note that this material is more costly than Dupioni or Thai silk, though generally more affordable than the Italian silk.
Dupioni Silk – Dupioni stands for double. This silk is generally made in India and collected when silkworms spin and twirl very close to one another, creating weaker silk yarn with unequal slubs at random hiatus. This material has brusque and crisp look, and its texture is uneven and rough with a dull luster. Dupioni when used in wedding invitation boxes furnishes a softer but more creased look.
Italian Silk – This is the most expensive of all the silk materials in the world. In fact, an Italian silk tie comes with a price ranging from $60 to $100 or higher.
Thai Silk – This silk material is available in two textures, nubby and smooth. It is woven either by machine or hand. Thai silk has slightly knotty threads with course texture and soft feel. This material is exotic, and with good aftercare method can last hundreds of years.
Faux Silk – If you wish to also wrap your wedding reception favor boxes with silk material, consider using faux silk. This is made using 100% polyester fibers, and comes with satiny texture. It blends the appeal of silk with the ease of care and durability of the polyester material. This material is readily available in the market.

Styles and Designs
Wholesale silk invitation boxes come in various styles and designs. You can select from the attached or loose lip, pocket styles, or folio. For the reason that silk is dyed easily, you can select from hundreds of hues and colors and you may even opt for two-tone shades. You can also go for silk custom dyed to complement your wedding theme very well.
When it comes to embellishments to add exquisiteness and elegance to your invitation boxes, you can append closures, ribbons, buckles, broaches, monograms, or silk flowers to the silk material. Click here to discover a large collection of completely hand-made silk invitations including hundreds boxes designs.

12 Hot Wedding Trends –  What’s Hot For Weddings Now?

12 Hot Wedding Trends – What’s Hot For Weddings Now?


1. Gray is the “it” color for wedding apparel this year, with fabrics ranging from silver-gray
to lavender-tinged gray to deep, dark steel gray. Gray looks great with yellow or pink,
and it’s striking with a deep purple.

2. Pink continues its comeback, with shades of it showing up on details within the bride’s
dress, in large splashes on bridesmaids’ gowns and in bouquets.

3. Chocolate brown, so popular last year, remains high on the color wheel of choices for

If you’re intrigued by the idea of gray, pink or chocolate, but not sure about accent colors, take a
tried-and-true hint from interior designers. Visit the paint department of your favorite home
improvement store and collect strips of paint chips. Take them home, arrange them, and rearrange
them. You’ll soon find your favorites emerging as you ponder the possibilities.

4. Influenced by elaborate cake decorating challenges on cable TV shows, we’re seeing
more and more asymmetrical wedding cakes. These askew masterpieces are often quite
colorful, which is another trend we’re seeing plenty of – fewer white-on-white wedding

5. For a trendy reception, brides are taking a cue from the recent return of the cupcake fad.
Cupcakes situated on a tower continues to be a popular option, but the new trick is to
order cupcakes in geometric shapes instead of the expected round.

6. If you desire a more traditional wedding cake rather than cupcakes, the geometric-shaped
trend carries over into larger layers, as well. Square-shaped or hexagonal-shaped layers are
popular this year, and stacking the layers can create a unique, eye-catching look.

7. Monochrome cakes still have their place, especially when the bride opts for the ever-
popular black-and-white wedding theme. While black icing in moderation can be quite
striking against a stark white cake, some brides step it up a few notches with intricate
lacey details and splashes of black on their cakes.

8. Sample stations have emerged as a popular alternative to a sit-down dinner or buffet.

9. Wine and cheese pairings, champagne bars, coffee, and dessert stations are popping up at
receptions from coast to coast. Other options include potato bars with plenty of toppings,
sushi, seafood, and Tex-Mex stations.

Sample stations can be a very considerate way to pamper your guests who may have special
dietary needs. How about a selection for diabetics, vegetarians, or those with specific food

Multi-cultural couples also use food stations as a way to introduce their unique cultures to each
other and to their guests.

10. On the wall or on the dance floor, projecting your names or initials in light against a
surface can be a striking addition to your reception decor.

Choose a traditional-looking monogram with the bride’s initial on the left, the groom’s initial on
the right, and the initial for the groom’s last name in the center. Or, if the bride is keeping her
own name, go with your first names or initials. Another option is to have a graphic designer
create your own custom logo, incorporating something sentimental from your courtship with your
names or initials. Whether you realized you were meant for each other while high at the Eiffel
Tower or on a Ferris wheel, little details like this can be fabulous touches for your ceremony and

Check with your DJ to see if they have the equipment needed to reflect your initials or logo at
the reception.

With concern for our earth growing, it’s easy to make subtle changes to make sure your wedding
has less of an impact on the environment.

11. Minimize the amount of driving for your guests by holding the ceremony and reception in
one spot. Sometimes this just isn’t possible. For example, your church won’t allow you to
have a champagne toast or an open bar at your reception. In that case, choose a reception
site that doesn’t require guests to drive to another town.

12. Recycled paper for wedding invitations is another easy way to go green. Or, take that a
step farther and use one of the many beautiful papers with seeds embedded, and ask
recipients to plant them and enjoy the flowers in their yards.

Other ways to go green include wearing a vintage gown, choosing organic or homegrown
flowers, beeswax or soy-based candles, and tossing biodegradable confetti as the couple makes
their getaway.

Another top trend this year are invitation boxes, covered with silk or velvet and embellished with real rhinestone crystal brooches.
The largest selection of such products can be found online and the cheapest are sold directly by the manufacturer. is offering an amazing collection, allowing clients to customize color, material and style.
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Save a Mint: Make Your Own Easy Wedding Mints

Save a Mint: Make Your Own Easy Wedding Mints

Save a Mint: Make Your Own Easy Wedding Mints

Depending on where you live, one of the most expensive additions to your wedding
reception could be the fancy mints that are served alongside the wedding cake.

These are often molded into the shape of a heart or a flower, or the shape might have special
meaning to the bride and groom. They are sweet, smooth confections that are labor-intensive
and, as such, may come with a hefty price tag.

If you’ve got the time to devote to creating your own wedding mints, you can freeze them,
leaving plenty of time to devote to other wedding-related tasks without having to worry
about the mints at the last minute.

First, you’ll need to obtain the mint molds. This type of mint needs to be formed using soft,
flexible plastic molds. Keep in mind that candy molds are not the same thing and you won’t
have the same results. Candy molds are made from a stiffer plastic, which does not allow the
mint to pop out like the flexible molds.

Flexible molds are easy to find online and they are available in many forms. You might
choose an initial mold to represent the bride and groom’s last name. Other options to consider
would be roses, calla lilies, swirls, hearts, cupid, bells, bride and groom silhouettes or doves.
If the wedding has a western theme or the bride and groom share a love of all things equine,
choose a boot or cowboy hat mold. If he proposed at the beach, choose a sea shell mold. An
ultra-religious couple might choose praying hands or a cross. The possibilities are endless.

You’ll only need one mold of each shape, since you’ll be pressing the dough for each
individual mint into the mold and popping them out. If you plan to have helpers, go ahead
and order an extra mold or two for them to use and you’ll get done much faster.

When it’s time to make the mints, be sure to clear off plenty of work space on the counter
and cover it with wax paper or parchment paper.

To make the mints, follow the recipe to make the dough (below). Take a very small ball of
dough, roll in granulated sugar, press into the rubber mint mold, press out immediately, and
let dry at room temperature for 1-2 days.

Once the mints have dried, pack them in freezer-safe containers, with wax paper separating
each layer. They may be refrigerated for up to six months or frozen for up to a year. If frozen,
take them out of the freezer the morning of the wedding, remove the lid, and allow to thaw.

Cream Cheese Mint Recipe

8-oz. block Philadelphia brand cream cheese, room temperature
2 lb. bag of powdered sugar
1/8 teaspoon flavoring (peppermint, crËme de menthe, vanilla butternut, almond, etc.)
Food coloring, if desired

In a mixing bow, beat together the cream cheese and flavoring until smooth. Gradually beat
in the powdered sugar. Add food coloring, if desired (the more you add, the darker the color,
so be careful). Mix well. You’ll want the dough to be stiff enough to hold its form, but not
liquid enough to slide out of the mint mold without setting up.

Form balls of dough approximately 1/2-inch in diameter. Roll in granulated sugar, press into
rubber mint mold, press out immediately onto wax paper, and let dry at room temperature for
1-2 days. NOTE: May need to adjust the size of the dough balls based on the size of the
flexible rubber mint mold that you have chosen.
Makes approximately 150 mints.

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Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding Invitation Tips

Worthy tips related to your wedding invitations 

Selecting your wedding invitations is simple if you follow a few important tips that will help you to narrow down your selection. Designs vary on several facets including color, texture, calligraphy, and style. Each one of these facets can be implemented to create a unique look while offering a hint to the theme or style of event that the bride and groom will have on their wedding day.

Choosing your wedding invitations to follow the formality of the event is critical in coordinating your wedding. The invitation gives the guests a glimpse into the type of wedding ceremony and reception you have planned. It allows your guests a chance to plan what they will purchase as a gift as well as what they will wear to the events.

If your wedding is to be an informal event at the beach, then informal or casual invitations are in order. On the other hand, if you are planning a formal event at a church or suitable location, you are probably going to want to select invitations with a more traditional style. Your guests are likely to select their attire in accordance with the styling of the invitation as well as the location of the events.

Now that you have the style of your invitation chosen, you can consider the color of the text as well as the coloring of the invitation paper itself. Many brides elect to have the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses as the color for the text. Even though the majority of wedding invitations are white, off white, or some variation of these, it is possible to purchase pastel colored or patterned notes.

In fact, paper with a floral pattern is becoming more and more popular with today’s brides. Selecting any color at all for the text will suggest to your guests that your wedding is also implementing that color throughout the event. The only colors that don’t suggest this idea are black, gold, and silver.

The response cards should also match the invitations in every aspect. While their importance is critical in planning the wedding reception, their styling is simply a matter of practicality.

For those brides who have an abundance of funds set aside for this special day, customized wedding invitations can be the best way to create a unique design that says it all. Customized designs are readily obtainable online or through specialty shops.