Why You Should Plan Your Wedding In Thailand ?

Couples have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a wedding venue. Many have opted to have their weddings abroad instead of having them back home. Thailand, one of many popular wedding destinations, is an attractive option for those looking to get married overseas. A Thai wedding could be the right choice for you.

Thai Destination Wedding
Thai Destination Wedding

A wedding in North America has an average cost of roughly 25,000 dollars. The price of a wedding at a five-star hotel in Bangkok is about one-third of the cost. Other preparations are offered at economical prices.   You can arrange hairstyling for the brides and bridesmaids for less than ten dollars per person. Thailand is famous for its silk. Wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and even tuxedos can be tailor made at extremely reasonable rates.

Couples can use their savings to pamper themselves. Thailand offers amazing spa treatments for one-tenth of the cost of what you would pay in North America. You can expect to spend three to five dollars for a pedicure. Some health clubs offer Thai massage for as little as nine dollars for two hours.

Money is not everything. Thailand’s wedding tourism industry has taken off because of its remarkable sense of service. Most five star hotels employ wedding coordinators who are fluent in English. The coordination is simple and well planned out. On your first meeting, you can pick the wedding decorations, flowers, menu, wedding cake, and band all within one hour. They have a variety of photo albums, websites, and videos to help make your selections. This one-stop-shop saves the bride and groom the hassle of running around town and coordinating with numerous people. Most hotels offer a complementary stay at the hotel along with discounts for guests. Other perks may include vouchers for hotel restaurants and gift shops. One venue in Ko Samui even offered the use of an elephant, so the couple can ride to their wedding in style.

Anyone who has visited Thailand’s beaches or forests, knows that that it is brimming with natural beauty. If you are looking for an unforgettable location without an overwhelming price tag, Thailand may be the place for you. For your wedding invitations you might consider using Thai silk covered boxed wedding invitations designed by Handbag-Asia.com in Chiang Mai.