The beauty of silk shawls made in Thailand

Thai silk shawl manufacturer

Silk shawls are an object of desire for so many people. A person who owns a good quality silk shawl can be envied by all. It is a known fact that the best quality silk shawls are obtained from Thailand. There are many manufacturers who proclaim that their shawl is made of 100 percent silk. Most of these sellers are actually lying to get their items sold so you must be careful while buying. When searching online for Thai silk shawls it is very easy to get duped by the fake promises.

There are so many uses of silk shawls. They can be worn around the neck when the weather becomes a little chilly. Thai silk shawls are extremely soft and light to carry. While travelling Thai silk shawls can be substituted for heavy sweaters and cardigans which just add to the luggage weight. Thai silk shawls don’t weigh too much yet at the same time provide a lot of warmth. NOVICA works in collaboration with National Geographic to give a boost to the local weavers and artisans of Thailand. They allow their work to be bought and sold on a global platform.

There is a lot of effort which is put into making silk. The Thai silkworms have to be reared first. Since silkworms are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment they have to be bred with a lot of care. Once the silk material is made it is then dyed. This is why the cost of Thai silk shawls is higher than other material shawls. Those who have bought Thai silk shawls claim that the money they’ve spent on it is totally worth it. The feeling of luxury and comfort provided by the silk shawls is unlike anything else.

The silk shawls made in Thailand are hand woven. When silk is hand woven it means each and every fabric of the silk is different from the other. This is not possible with silk which is machine woven. What differentiates Thai silk from other varieties of silk is that Thai silk has a certain gloss to it. Since there are two blends present in the material, when viewed from different angles the color will appear dissimilar. The easiest way to identify a real Thai silk shawl is by doing a simple test on it. If the fabric of the silk passes through a ring smoothly it is genuine Thai silk. Artificial silk will tend to rough up and creases will appear.