Wedding Favor Boxes can play an important role in Weddings

Wedding Favor Boxes can play an important role in Weddings

Wedding favors is a return gift or memento given as a token of appreciation for coming to the wedding. Wedding favors have been given to guests since time immemorial. It adds a touch of elegance to your wedding. The wedding planning is incomplete without deciding which favor to give and in which type of box. Wedding favors are almost as important as the menu of the wedding reception. Both must be decided months in advance so that the wedding process can be carried out smoothly.

There are a few couples who do not put in any thought while choosing the favors. Favors are something which will be taken by the guest. If the favor item or the wedding favor box is not extraordinary, the guests will leave the wedding and completely forget about it.

  • Historical Significance

There is a historical significance of giving wedding favors. In ancient Europe, the gifts given to the guests at a wedding were called bonbonniere. The material of these ancient wedding favor boxes was usually metal or porcelain. They were smaller in size compared to the favor boxes given out now. The significance of giving favors was that by giving favors, the luck from the wedding could be transferred to the guests as well.

At times, the favor box gets left at the wedding venue or thrown away somewhere in a corner. This is because the favors do not hold any value for the guests. So even the favors must be chosen thoughtfully.

  • Latest Trends in Wedding Favor Boxes

Once the favor is decided the next important step is to choose the kind of box it should be kept in. The variety of favor boxes is astonishing. They can be as big as you want. Some people prefer small and cute favor boxes while others prefer large luxurious ones. The latest trend in favor boxes includes intricate details on the box. There are some couples who prefer handmade boxes rather than machine made bulk ones. There are companies which make bulk handmade boxes which can be used as wedding favor boxes.

What makes handmade favor boxes special is that they can be personalized. A little name tag added on top of the box can make the guest feel important and would make the wedding a memorable event for them. The color and theme of the wedding favor box can be matched with the entire