Planning A Traditional Wedding – Should You Elope?

Planning A Traditional Wedding – Should You Elope?

Planning a traditional wedding can be tedious. Plus, it usually comes with a five- or six-figure price tag. Thus, some couples prefer to just head to the courthouse and quietly tie the knot without going through months of wedding planning, tackling complicated inter-family dynamics, and spending a lot of money–money that could be used by the couple to start their new life together. Some people, on the other hand, prefer eloping to a romantic location and get married with only a handful of people to witness the event.

In some cases, elopement and opting for a civil wedding ceremony are inevitable. When religious or cultural traditions clash between the families of the bride and the groom, getting married through a civil wedding ceremony may be the most diplomatic way to tie the knot.

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Is elopement for you? Well, it depends on what you and your spouse-to-be really want. Would you rather have a private ceremony to avoid the stress of planning and spending for a traditional wedding? Is preparing for starting your life together a much bigger priority than the happy memories you can capture by sharing your special day with your friends and family in a traditional wedding ceremony and reception?

So, should you just elope then? The decision is all up to you and your fiancé. Talk it over, weigh your priorities, and evaluate how much of your resources you can devote to, say, getting hitched in style with all the bells and whistles included. Just remember that what makes both of you happy is the most important thing.

If you choose to elope, you should still observe proper etiquette. Send out a string of announcements after the elopement. And since you are likely to receive gifts after making the announcements, write sincere thank-you notes and send them right back to the people who sent you gifts.