Wedding Shower Invitations

Wedding Shower Invitations

No doubt bridal showers are one of the most unforgettable and enjoyable wedding traditions, that’s why wedding shower invitations come in variety of styles and designs that suit the personality of the soon-to-be wife. Whether you prefer pre-made invitations or you opt to craft your own custom invites, it’s almost effortless to find bridal shower invitations that would establish the tone for your celebration.

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The luxury way of inviting guest to a wedding with boxes and folio invitation

Homemade Invitations
Because most websites and wedding supply shops where you can buy these invitations and wedding favor boxes will require you to order at least 50 to 100 cards, you may deem it most economical and efficient to craft your own invitations if you are about to host a small party exclusive for your very close family and friends. With the use of vellum, scissors, patterned paper, rubber stamps, boarder punch, watercolor paints, colored sand, glitter, ribbon, and other paper supplies that you can purchase at your local craft store, you can make exceptional invitations for your very special event. To lessen the work and effort involved, call out your close friends or bridesmaids to help out in this task.

If you are working with a limited budget, a great option is to send electronic card invitations to your guests with the use of websites rendering these services without cost. You can select from the variety of designs and themes that they offer to suit your wedding shower event. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the correct e-mail addresses of your family and friends before you send this kind of invitation. Definitely, you don’t wish to look for your invitations that were lost in cyberspace.

After making up your mind on the designs of your wedding shower invitations, you should then decide on the wordings that will be printed on your invitation. If you are having a difficult time coming up with the right words, you’ll be delighted to know that the invitation wordings don’t need to be complicated.

Just make sure that the following information and details are available on the invitation:

– Date
– Time
– Place (directions for out-of-town guests)
– Hosts of the event
– R.S.V.P. instructions

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Wedding Theme
If you want your bridal shower to be celebrated with a specific theme or atmosphere, you’ll need to include explicit details about the event. Examples:

– Garden Party: Please bring potted plants, gardening tools, and seeds.
– Lingerie Party: Please bring panty sets and sexy bra for the bride.
– Spa Party: Please bring pampering things to help the bride loosen up and relax as she prepares for her upcoming big day.
– Kitchen Party: Please bring dishes, pots, cookbooks, pans, and other kitchen items to help the bride decorate her new kitchen.

Gift Registry
One of the most typical questions involving bridal shower invitation content is whether or not to place the gift registry information of the bride. Although some people are grateful for the expediency of finding out if the bride has registered for gifts at a particular shop, other guests will find the registry information on the wedding shower invitations and wedding invitation boxes a little bit tacky.

It would be easier to resolve this predicament if you just mention the registry information when your shower guests contact the R.S.V.P. for the event. You will love this luxurious collection of wedding invitation, favor boxes and wedding pouches.