DIY Luxury Silk Invitation Boxes

DIY Luxury Silk Invitation Boxes

Crafting silk invitation boxes can integrate a whimsical appeal and feel when you invite guests to your wedding celebration and even other special events. Beyond the magical look, this kind of invitation permits you to showcase all the essential components that will make your wedding day extra special.

In actual fact, a customized silk box wedding invitation can be your distinct version of a stylish container where you can place special items to celebrate your special day. You can incorporate extra drama as well as character to your invitation by following the simple steps enumerated below.


– Silk fabric
– Plain cardboard boxes
– Fabric glue or glue dots
– Double-sided tape
– Decorative paper (Saa paper)
– Ruler
– Paper cutter and scissors
– Pencil
– Glitter, ribbon, glass beads, and other ornamentation (optional)

Wedding Invitation Boxes
Luxury silk covered box for wedding invitation

What to Do
Gauge the outside dimension of the cover of the box. You can also position the cover upside down on the rear of the decorative paper that you’ll be utilizing to embellish the box. While in this position, make use of the pencil and trace the outer surface of the cover. You may need to allocate an extra quarter of an inch when you trace the box cover to ensure that you have sufficient extra paper to wrap the lid completely.
Using paper cutter or a paper scissor, you can then cut the paper on the lines you measured or traced.
Apply the adhesive, place double-sided tape, and put glue dots or paper glue to the backside of the ornamental paper. Place it to the cover of the box making certain that it is appropriately lined up on the edges, at the top segment, and the lip of the box. Even out the paper to eliminate air pockets as well as wrinkles that may become visible in the silk invitation boxes as you append the decorative paper. Fold over the paper on the corners of the cover using the same technique when you wrap a gift box with a wrapping paper.
Cut the ribbon and make sure that it will fit the cover of the invitation box.  Place glue dots to the bottom part of the ribbon and fasten it around the sides of the cover to grant them a finished look.
Incorporate silk fabric. Measure a sufficient amount of silk fabric to cover the sides and bottom of the invitation boxes. Place the box on the top of the silk and use double-sided tape or glue dots to attach the silk fabric to the box. Take the silk up and over into the interior of the box, folding it to ensure that the fabric will glue and taut in place.
Place the printed invitation to the bottom of the interior of the box. You can put it into place with glue dots or paper glue so it securely suits in the bottom of the invitation box when it is open.
You can then add the finishing touches to your handmade invitation boxes by incorporating your chosen glass beads, glitters, and other embellishments. You can also place additional decorations to the exterior of your invitation boxes.
If you have the budget, you can always shop from wholesale handbags outlets or online for elegant and unique silk invitation boxes