Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss 

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss 

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss
Top 10 Gifts for Your Boss

Many people think it’s tacky to give your boss a gift. They say it makes you look like the office suck-up. Still, there are occasions when a gift is appropriate. You could be having an office romance with the boss, you could need to bribe them for a promotion or extra time off, or you could realize you’ve committed some ghastly work-related mistake and don’t want to get fired.

Your boss won’t expect gifts so they’re likely to view yours with great suspicion and presume you have ulterior motives, which you probably do. Don’t spend a lot of money on the gift or they’ll think you’re overpaid — think of something inexpensive to amuse your boss. Here are some ideas:

1.Make them think by offering them Robert I. Sutton’s book, “Good Boss, Bad Boss”. They’ll wonder which type they are.

2. Many bosses get stressed out from dealing with people like you all day and may indulge in putting golf balls into their waste bin, or partaking of a secret tipple to cope. If you suspect the latter, then a discreet hip flask will show them you know.

3. Alternatively, buy them a bottle of booze for their desk drawer. When your boss’s boss catches them, you may get their job!

4. Sticking with the theme of the over-stressed boss, why not get them a sign that’s marketed as a miraculous stress remedy? Place the sign on a hard surface then follow the simple and concise instructions in the center, which read “Bang Head Here.” Repeat the action until the stress goes away or unconsciousness ensues.

5. Anti-stress toys are useful for the boss’ office. A foam $100 bill is perfect for your boss to take their aggression out on.

6. Homemade heart-shaped cookies are great for romancing the boss.

7. A small, hand-held robot vacuum to clear the mess your boss leaves on the desk is both amusing and useful.

8. If you trust your boss with plants, then choose a mini bonsai garden for them to grow on their desk.

9. A framed photograph of your boss’s favorite employee (you) or of both of you together is a great choice. Of course, there’s no guarantee the boss won’t simply hit it with the $100 foam bill.

10. Finally, what better gift could your boss ever hope to receive than your resignation letter? Make their day and put it into a scented envelope tied with a ribbon.

These are some ideas for gifts to give your boss. Remember, your motives will appear suspect (because they are) and you should expect to suffer mockery from your colleagues, but at least you’ll have a little fun along the way! Our personal favourite are gift boxes from PRESTIGE CREATIONS which come in endless colours and styles.