Wedding Favors Ideas That Fit Into A Box

Wedding Favors Ideas That Fit Into A Box

Wedding Favors Ideas That Fit Into A Box

Wedding favors are something that most couples enjoy picking out. For an elegant way to present those favors to guests many couples are choosing to purchase silk wedding favor boxes. This new trend adds a touch of elegance to any wedding. Guests will be highly impressed at receiving their wedding favors in a silk favor box.

Continuing with the silk theme one popular idea for wedding favors is a silk fan. Not only do these fans make a beautiful gift for guests they easily fold up small enough to fit in a silk gift box. They are also a practical gift because guests can use them to fan themselves off after they leave the dance floor and are hot and sweaty. It is also the perfect wedding favor for any wedding taking place outdoors in a warm environment. These favors can be customized to match the color scheme a couple has chosen for their wedding, making it a truly unique and memorable gift for their guests.

Silk wedding favor boxes are the perfect size to hold edible favors such as mints, jelly beans or even freshly made cookies. Depending on how crafty a couple is in the kitchen they can make their own edible wedding favors that their guests will devour. For those who want to give an edible favor but don’t or can’t bake, there are chocolate bars and kisses that can be customized for any wedding and these treats can easily fit into a silk wedding favor box as well.

For a wedding with an American Chinese feel to it couples should consider ordering customized fortune cookies. Each cookie can have a personal message from the couple to their guests as a whole or even to individual guests. These small treats can easily be tucked into a silk wedding favor box.

Couples that enjoy using them at home often include tea light candles among the favors they give their guests. These are items that can be purchased in bulk at a very reasonable price so they are perfect for couples who don’t want to go overboard but still want to give out nice wedding favors. Tea lights can be purchased in a number of different colors and are something most people can find a use for. Since the silk favor boxes themselves are fancy couples may want to balance that out by including a more down to earth and practical item for their guests.

There are countless wedding favor ideas that can fit into a silk favor box if couples are creative when it comes to choosing those items. Wedding favors should always reflect something special about the couple and/or their special day. While they should be something guests will like and appreciate they also need to be true to the interests, values or passions of the couple who are getting married. This can easily be accomplished with a little thought and a lot of care in choosing ideal favour.

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