Wedding Invitations:  Creating Your Own Personal Signature

Wedding Invitations: Creating Your Own Personal Signature

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Wedding invitations serve many purposes, including the obvious-inviting your friends and loved ones to participate in your special day-and highlighting your interests, and style as a couple. While there are several factors to consider when ordering wedding invitations, from design, font type and color to budget constraints, you can still put your own stylish signature on your wedding invitations. Here are some ideas that can breathe new life in your invitations:

• Design your own postage stamps
• Have your invites addressed by a professional calligrapher
• Use a seal and wax
• Make an Event Guide for your guests
• Create your own invitations</strong>

One of the simplest ways to inject personality onto the paper is to create your own postage stamps. While the postal service does offer an assortment of stamps for special occasions, making your own special stamps can help set the tone for your special day. Software such as PhotoStamps®, is available for purchase at For added simplicity, websites like and also offer customizable postage services for very reasonable rates.

Hand-rendered calligraphy is one of the best ways to lend beauty to your invitations. The exquisite detail of hand lettering sends notice that your special day will be a formal and elegant occasion. You can find calligraphers in your area by inquiring to local printers, most of who sell wedding invitations. Myriad calligraphy services are also available online, offering an array of services to meet your needs. You can also locate reputable freelance calligraphers through the Association for the Calligraphic Arts website (

Adding a wax seal to the back of your invitation is another excellent way to portray your sense of style. Using nothing more than a hot glue gun, your chosen seal, and wax that is made to use with glue guns, you have the ability to impart a sense of old-world detail on your invitations. An infinite array of seal designs and wax colors can be found at local art supply stores and online vendors, including

Making an Event Guide is an easy way to make your special event memorable for everyone. Using Google or Yahoo! Maps, you can create a map of local eateries, B&B’s, nightclubs, and sightseeing attractions surrounding the location of your wedding. In addition, check with local hotels about discounted room rates for wedding parties, and include this information on the guide. With this information, your out-of-town guests can create a getaway of their own while participating in your special day, and know that you care about making the event memorable for everyone!

Creating your own invitations is the ultimate form of expression, and are only limited by your imagination. While this option might not be best for those with very large guest lists, handcrafted invitations are perfect for small and informal weddings. Websites such as provide step-by-step instructions on creating invitations that will highlight your style and personality without breaking your budget. An assortment of design books, magazines and supplies are readily available at craft stores such as Jo-Ann or Michaels to help you create an invitation that will do double duty as a keepsake for anyone who receives it!

The wedding invitation is like a window, showing recipients who you are as a couple. Combining any one of these ideas and your creative bent can transform your invitation from standard to stand-out, and give your guests a glimpse into your true style!