Why Would a Bride Want to Wear Flip Flops, Anyway?

Why Would a Bride Want to Wear Flip Flops, Anyway?

Wedding Flip Flops
Who Wants To Wear Flip Flops At A Wedding?

In a world driven by materialism, there will always be people who have something to say about what everyone else is wearing. At work, school, or out on the town, people are judging each other. It seems that it’s no different when it comes to bridal fashion choices. Perhaps this is to be expected because weddings are seen as very important occasions. However, the only people whose opinions should matter at a wedding are the bride and groom! Although some critics might not like it, there are plenty of great reasons that a bride might want to wear flip flops at her wedding, and she should be free to do so if she pleases.

Matrimony by the Sea
The most common reason that a bride might opt for wedding flip flops is that her wedding is taking place on the beach. Of course, beaches are the classic place for this kind of footwear. Not only do flip flops fit the theme of a seaside wedding, but they also provide a lot more stability and comfort than traditional heels. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing flip flops to a beach wedding, for the bride or for anyone else.

Enjoy the Reception in Comfort
While some might say that the beach is the only place that bridal flip flops are appropriate, there are plenty of reasons to disagree. Number one among these is comfort. There is truly no comparison between this kind of footwear and designer high heels. Whether a bride is trying to dance or simply walk down the aisle, she’s going to have an easier time in flip flops. Plus, her feet will thank her later.

Simple and Stylish
Some people think that style has to be traded away to get this kind of comfort. This is just not the case at all! While some people have to have the biggest names in designer fashions, others realize that a seemingly simple pair of bridal flip flops can be just as elegant. These don’t have to be the plain plastic flip flops that are found at stores like Old Navy. Instead, they can be lavishly adorned with flowers, beads, and anything else a bride might like. They are even easy to have custom-made by a local artisan or someone on a website like Etsy.com. What is more stylish than footwear that is truly one of a kind?

Save Money for More Important Things
Even completely customizing a bride’s wedding flip flops will cost less than a pair of designer shoes. By deciding to wear flip flops, a bride can be absolutely unique while saving money. Every bride should consider bridal flip flops as a comfortable, stylish, cost-saving option for her wedding day!