Brocade Silk Folio Invitations Set a New Standard

Brocade Silk Folio Invitations Set a New Standard

If you are familiar with the luxury of padded silk invitations, you are going to love brocade silk folio invitations. Brocade elevates your silk invitations to a whole new level of elegance.

Minute threads, usually of silver and gold, create an elaborate design on one side of the silk fabric, but any color of thread may be employed. Rich designs appear as a result of the weave’s weft. These cross-woven threads create the illusion of fabric embellishments laid over silk.

Brocade has been referred to as Imperial brocade, and when you see your brocade silk folio invitations, you’ll know why. Not only does brocade have the strength of silk, but this weave creates a thicker fabric with intricate textured designs.

The look is both exotic and elegant.

Imagine your elegant brocade silk folio invitations designed with your impeccable taste in mind. Premium silver silk fabric wraps the padded folio, and the attention to detail is remarkable inside and out. Half of your folio is covered in luxurious brocade silk, finished with a side satin ribbon held in place by a rhinestone clasp.

Do you have something else in mind? Customize your brocade invitations by selecting the size of your invitation, the your color of silk, and the luxury ribbon of your choice. Every one of your invitations is handcrafted for a truly bespoke look that establishes a new standard in luxury folio invitations.

Some of the most divine brocade silk folio invitations have been designed with tone on tone colors woven into the weft. The extravagant brocade design is subtle yet grand, creating an opulence that lends itself to further embellishment with rhinestone and pearl brooches or clasps.

You’ll want to use these gorgeous folio invitations for the celebrations in your life that are most important to you and to your guests. Weddings, special anniversaries and career milestones demand brocade silk folio invitations, and savvy hosts know that presentation is everything. Only premiere fabric can be used in an invitation, and brocade silk not only meets this expectation, but exceeds it.

These invitations are the perfect choice for premieres and galas, too. You’ll want to send all of your A-listers the most luxurious invitations available, and brocade silk will place your invitations at the top of anyone’s must-attend list.

Once reserved only for royalty in China, Greece and Byzantium, brocade silk was largely unavailable to most people. Its expense was prohibitive, and creating the design was an elaborate task. Not anymore.

The brocade silk folio invitations of your dreams can be delivered to you quickly. Get started by ordering your handcrafted invitation today.