Every Invitation Should Arrive in Invitation Boxes Like These

Every Invitation Should Arrive in Invitation Boxes Like These

Everyone wants your time. Today’s schedules are already packed, and when you add social obligations like weddings, galas, showers and other parties, and you find yourself having to choose carefully the invitations you accept. There can be so many!

With more than 6,000 weddings (two million a year) and untold amount of gala events and parties happening every day, it may be difficult to get your invitations to stand our from all the others.

The secret in getting noticed is using an invitation box; all invitations of prestige use them. The reason is that these meticulously designed and embellished boxes are about preferential treatment, presentation and protection, and primacy.

Preferential Treatment

Guests who receive your invitation in a luxurious invitation box know several things about you before you they even open the invitation.

Your exquisite taste and knowledge of invitation etiquette is surpassed only by your willing to invest a considerable amount of time in decorating your invitations. Of course you want to showcase and to protect your invitations, and that’s why you chose these boxes. You also consider the recipient a top tier guest who deserves the very best you can send.

Presentation and Protection

Handcrafted wedding invitations are a work of art, as such and they deserve to be presented properly while being protected.

By the time a well presented invitation has been layered with embellishments, only an invitation box will protect the contents, but how you arrange the contents inside the invitation box is critical. People read from left to right and top to bottom, so every insert should have a predetermined place for easy access. The box can keep the contents from shifting.


The invitations that arrive in an invitation box command attention. The box is not something easily stacked on a pile of papers, pushed to the side or even thumbtacked to the refrigerator. Instead, it achieves the status of centerpiece wherever it sits, and it continues to remind you of the upcoming date.

Couture boxes for weddings, galas and parties standard by setting the invitations they contain apart from all others. Budget and time conscious people can send invitation boxes to the top tier guests — such as consistently generous donors or family members of the bride and groom — on their list and a more simple enveloped version of the invitation to those on the lower tiers.

No luxury wedding, gala event or party of importance can be complete without invitation boxes because of the preferential treatment, presentation and protection, and primacy they provide.

Whether you want plain or embellished boxes, Dennis Wisser can create both, in both luxury or common textiles that reflect the tone of your event for the people you most want to impress.