Tips to style your home like a professional interior decorator

Home decor ideas

Home is one place where you can relax after spending a tiring day at the workplace or at school. It is very important that the house seems inviting has a relaxing décor.

  • The first tip to be remembered is that the house ornamentation should not be loud. The color scheme should be soothing to the eyes. The color of the paint can totally change the look of a room. Different rooms can have different wall colors. One mistake that many people make while doing their home décor is that they choose very bright colors. Obviously that does not mean that the room should have no colors. That will just end up making the room look dead.
  • At times due to the way a house is styled, it may look cluttered and tiny. The line between accessorizing your house and turning it into a junk place is blurred for many. To keep the rooms classy and sophisticated go for silk cushions. They can add to the beauty of a room without making it look too bright and garish. The couch arrangement should also be done in such a way that conversation can take place. A U – shaped or H shaped arrangement is the perfect setting.
  • To add a personalized touch to your room a few mementos or handmade items can be kept. A special gift which is close to your heart can be placed somewhere so the memories associated with it are kept alive.
  • Low furniture should be kept in a room which does not have a high ceiling. This will create a sense of fake height. The lighting of a house is also an important element in home décor. There are designer decorative lightings available. A few lamps and chandeliers can be added so that the room looks bright. They should be placed in areas where lighting is actually required.
  • Another important tip is that greenery can also be included in your home décor. The rooms feel fresher when there are a few small potted plants kept.

The most important tip when styling your home is that comfort should be the ultimate aim. If a home is warm and inviting all the home décor items will appear to be in harmony. Each house has its flaws and its strengths. A good home décor is one which is able to hide those flaws and bring out the strengths.

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Silk cushions are the perfect element to add style and grandeur to your room

silk cushion home decoration

All of us want our houses to look perfect and capture the attention of our guests. A lot of thought has to be put in when decorating a house. Each and every single little home décor item counts. It can add to the allure of a room. At the same time gaudy home décor items can ruin the entire look of a room. One item which is guaranteed to increase the appeal of a room is silk cushions.

Silk cushions can be kept either in your drawing room or in your bedroom. Silk cushions are kept usually on the sofa or the sitting area in the drawing room. When a guest arrives, the first place they would be asked to sit is in the sitting room or the drawing room. On entering the room, the first impression would be to be awed by the beauty of these silk cushions.

There are so many silk cushion designs available. There are so many colors to choose from. They can easily go with any décor. Silk cushions can increase the sophistication of a room. Silk cushions are available in different sizes according to the size of the sofa or bed. If your sofa is a small one, it is better to keep cushions which are smaller in size. For a bedroom on the other hand, large cushions can be kept on the bed.

  • How to arrange Silk cushions

Cushions are an essential part of sofas. Those who have a dull colored sofa can go for bright colored silk cushions. This will add just a little color and vitality in their room. There are a number of ways different cushions can be arranged on a couch. On a large couch there can be multiple cushions. For a person who likes a little quirkiness in their room can go for different designed cushions. Those who want a more mature look can go for a matched cushion set.

While buying cushions there is just one thing to remember. They should never match exactly with the couch. It should never be the exact same print, design and color. This is where silk cushions can help because they will add a different texture wherever it is put. Silk cushions when kept on silk bed sheets can make your room look extremely grand. With the correct design and color silk cushions can also make your room appear more impressive.

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What makes handmade boxes so special?

Hand-made wedding invitation boxes

There is a certain charm to giving someone a gift which is handmade. The effort and time that a person puts in making that gift cannot be compared to even the costliest gift item. Handmade boxes can be used as wedding as wedding invitation boxes or favor boxes. Handmade boxes are unique because they can be personalized according to different people. They can have different themes or color according to the preference of the person.

Nothing beats receiving a gift with your favorite things being drawn or embossed on it. Such handmade boxes can become a memorable item. They are not just momentarily kept and forgotten. Even after many years people will still remember the customized handmade box that was given to them. Each handmade box will be unique in its own way. Anyone can go to a store and buy a bulk manufactured item. There is nothing distinctive about it.

Wedding invitations can be given in handmade boxes. There are a number of websites which can make the perfect luxury wedding box for you. The process of giving out wedding cards can be a really monotonous affair. On the other hand, if the guests are given handmade wedding boxes you can see the different reactions in every one. Receiving a personalized box will tend to make the person surprised and touched at the same time.

There are so many designs and varieties that can be created. They can be selected on your preference. Even the fabric of the boxes can be styled according to your taste. Wedding invitations are usually thrown away once the event is over. Whereas in the case of handmade boxes no one would willingly throw away something made with so much love and thought. The thought which is put into making a box is what counts.

With handmade boxes the creativity of the people is reflected. It is necessary that the creativity and skills of these people be appreciated. There are so many ways to decorate a box that the first time it is seen it can really be fascinating. Handmade boxes can be made with a lid or without it. With a lid the contents of the box can be protected. Handmade boxes are often used as wedding favor boxes. With just a little thought and imagination, handmade boxes can become something to be cherished. A homemade wedding box can also add to the grandeur of your wedding. Nothings spells luxurious like a handmade wedding box.

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The decadence and grandeur of silk shawls

silk shawl

Those who keep themselves updated about the recent fashion trends will be aware that layering is in vogue these days. Layering can now be done with the help of beautiful silk shawls. The last few years have seen has revival of silk shawls. A silk shawl can add an element of grandeur to your clothes.

Silk shawls have become popular amongst all fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Famous fashion houses like Gucci and Saint Laurent have also started using silk shawls in their latest collections. Silk shawls can be worn in a number of ways. It can be worn around the neck or even be used as a belt. There are various ways of wrapping a shawl around the neck. It can be worn as a half bow style. Just by carrying a silk shawl a person can look polished.

In winters silk shawls are the perfect thing to keep you warm and fuzzy. The best part about silk shawls is that they are not heavy at all unlike other scarves and shawls. They are actually the best of both worlds. Light on the body, yet provides immense warmth. Silk on its own has thermal properties. These properties have been retained in the shawl. This is how it helps in keeping a person extra warm in winters.

There are so many designs of silk shawls to choose from. When you have to choose a silk shawl, a design which is chic and modern would be best. This can be used with different outfits and for different occasions. Though a shawl may give an impression of a big and large cloth material there are different sizes of shawls available.

Silk shawls can also be used a gift option. This is the perfect gift for people of all age. It is meaningful and useful at the same time. A silk shawl can be a very thoughtful gift. It is better than giving something which will hardly be used.

The material of silk shawls is so soft on the body that there is no possibility of any reaction or allergies. There are some clothes materials which are rough on the skin and may even cause rashes. You can be assured silk shawls will never cause any problems on your skin. These can be used add a pop of color to your clothes. This is one of the most versatile layering options for both men and women.

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Wedding Invitations that will leave your guests awestruck

luxury wedding invitations

There are so many elements that go in to a wedding preparation. The concept of traditional wedding cards has now been replaced by luxury wedding invitations. The wedding invitation will create the first impression in the minds of the guests even before the wedding.

The format of wedding invitations has undergone a complete revamp. Wedding invitation does not simply mean a card with all the details of the wedding mentioned. Instead of wedding cards, invitations can be given in decorated boxes. The first mode of communication with the guests is through wedding invitations.

While choosing a wedding invitation the couple can go for an invitation card which will go with the theme of the wedding. Though there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding invitations it is better to go with a similar theme as of the wedding.

The contents of the wedding invitation also play an important role. Some of the basic and essential details that must be included are name of the couple, date and time of the wedding. The venue should also be mentioned in clear writing. There are different materials which can be used to make the wedding invitation. If the family wants to go for a simple look they can choose between cotton and linen. For those who want something more lavish can opt for a silk or satin material.

Some families have a hereditary symbol. That symbol can be embossed on top of the wedding box to give a personalized look. When we talk about opulent wedding invitations it doesn’t mean just the decorative element. It must be luxurious for the guest as well. For that a menu card can also be added to the invitation. This way the guests already know what food they will be getting.

Once the contents of the card have been designed the type of envelope can be decided. A double envelope gives a grand feel to the wedding invitation. There is an outer and inner envelope. The inner envelope can talk about the family of the couple, while the outer envelope contains details about the guests like their address and house name.

To add an element of grandiose in the wedding invitation cards, a small gift can be included in the wedding invitation. A few examples of such a keepsake can be a pearl or charm ornament. This keepsake will make sure the guests will remember the wedding for a long time to come.

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The Top Design Elements of Luxury Invitations for Weddings

luxury wedding invitations

Couples who are getting married want over the top, premier luxury invitations that mark their wedding day as special. That means bespoke designs that stand out from everyone else’s.

Newlyweds should feel as though their bespoke invitations are the most unique of all in any wedding season, and the invitations should be a true reflection of their tastes and style. Every detail in a luxury invitation matters, from the precision fit of a folio or invitation box to the choice of color and style of embellishment used as a flourish. Everyone of the details matters.

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Celebrity Style Bespoke Wedding Invitations You Can Use

Celebrity Style Bespoke Wedding Invitations You Can Use

Two things can bring a dreamy look to a bride’s face almost as fast as a three-carat diamond: celebrities and bespoke wedding invitations.

While you might not be able to get your favorite celebrity to show up at your wedding, you can create the kind of invitations they use at their own weddings. Whether your wedding will be glamorous, themed or casual, begin by establishing the tone with handcrafted bespoke wedding invitations unique to your ceremony and celebration.

Go with a theme if fun and playfulness is your style. David Arquette and Courteney Cox sent photos of themselves in costumes for Halloween when they sent their invitations to guests. You can do the same by creating themed wedding invitations and placing them inside coordinating wedding folios.

If, like Victoria Adams (Posh Spice), you choose to wear a champagne colored wedding gown, opt for bespoke wedding invitations in a dupioni silk in the same color. It’s a simple touch that shows you paid attention to details and consistency.

Actress Jennifer Aniston choose roses and simple greenery for her wedding when she married Brad Pitt; you can take your cues from her color choices and use them in your special celebrity-style wedding invitations by selecting green silk and a white satin ribbon as the accent.

Splash a whole lot of your favorite color about as you are planning and inviting guests. For example when Trista and Ryan, of Bachelorette fame, got married, everything was done in pink, from the flowers to the favour boxes, the rose champagne to the decor, and of course, your bespoke wedding invitations can also be in your favorite color. For an elegant touch, consider layering color on top of color. Select a pink silk bound with a pink ribbon and fastened with either a pink flower or pink rhinestones in a brooch.

You can emulate the style of your favorite celebrity, copying it detail for detail. What’s really important, however, is developing your own sense of taste and style, and then showcasing it in the way a celebrity would. That doesn’t always mean spending huge amounts of money.

Flaunting your celebrity style means knowing how to maximize the smallest of details so that everything comes together flawlessly. You begin with your wedding invitation, creating a handcrafted wedding box that you’ll want to look at as much as you want to enjoy your ring in the years to come.

Now that you have created the perfect bespoke wedding invitation, you might try mailing off one of them to your favorite celebrity. Even if he or she doesn’t attend your wedding you might get a nice card with their signature on it.


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7 Tips to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

wedding planning tips

A wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life and the whole experience should be fun. However, planning an event as large as a wedding can be stressful, so if you find yourself feeling stressed during the planning stages then follow these seven top tips to reduce wedding planning stress.

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Sweet Dreams and Invitation Boxes are Made of This

invitation box

Most people have at least one event in their lives that causes them to dream about sending out the perfect invitations. It’s a sweet dream to think about as you imagine the impressed look on your guests’ faces when they receive your invitation box and the invitation inside.

A long time ago musicians like the Eurythmics and even Marilyn Manson sang the song Sweet Dreams with these lyrics:

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world

And the seven seas . . . .

Dennis Wisser has already traveled the world for you, seeking new trends and ideas to help you create the customized invitation boxes of your dreams.

It’s important to find a designer who understands what your unique needs are, and that this designer knows how to help you find the sweet spot in design and price. Producing the right box for your invitations is about far more than quantity; it’s about the quality.

By using our design expertise and your inspiration, you can make your sweet dreams come true with the right invitation boxes for your events, from parties and quinces to galas and weddings.

And the best part? Anything is possible.

Your invitation boxes are the first reveal that hints at the invitation that lies within, so the box itself must convey the theme. You can bring your theme together with custom fabric coverings and designs. You are limited only by your imagination, but Dennis Wisser has already done much of the legwork for you.

Some of our best box designs include both hinged and removable lids, and each style creates a unique experience when your guest opens his or her invitation. Hinged lids help to build the suspense in opening the box, and a removable lid creates anticipation similar to opening a precious gift.

Next, select the fabric of your choice. Whether it’s exotic, extreme or eco-friendly, you’re in good hands if you’ve selected a manufacturer with experience using a variety of fabrics. Look for a partner who knows how the maximize the sophisticated beauty of taffeta, silk and velvet. Make sure that your vendor is also versatile and is willing to experiment with vintage lace as well as contemporary fabrics like denim jeans.

No box, whether for invitations or other purposes, is finished without the right embellishments. From supple satin ribbons to brilliantly bedecked brooches, the embellishments are like icing on a cake. They add the final touch of elegance that identifies every box as something special.

If you can dream it, a top-notch manufacturer can do it. And your invitation boxes will never be sweeter!


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Choosing Wedding Boxes for Invitations and Favours

When it comes to selecting your wedding boxes for invitations and favours, one provider stands out above all the rest. Celebrities and socially savvy brides and grooms prefer Dennis Wisser for their all their wedding event needs.

Planning your wedding begins with setting the date and finding a venue for the ceremony and reception. With those two tasks taken care of, your next big step is the order your invitations and wedding boxes for the invitations and favours. You’ll likely want to reflect the theme of your wedding celebration in your choices, and you’ll also want to establish the wedding colors.

You’ll also want to make sure your wedding boxes for invitations and favours

are as unique as the two of you and your relationship with each other.

You have plenty of options to create highly individualized couture invitations and even wedding favour boxes if you keep in mind three things.

Shape and size

Wedding boxes come in a variety of sizes, and once you’ve have selected the invitation itself, you’ll want to showcase it for maximum effect. Now is the time to select your invitation wedding boxes.

There are invitation boxes with presentation lids, pads, and folios, as well as pocket folder presentation boxes. Certainly preference comes into play here, but you should select the invitation box that will hold not only your invitation but also the other inserts, such as the RSVP card and envelope, a map, or anything else your guests will need.

Order these handcrafted treasures in the size that will present and protect your luxury invitation.

Your wedding favor boxes can be a drawstrings pouch or a pyramid, but consider the traditional cube shape for formal wedding.

Fabric and colour

Next, select your fabric. Choose from exquisite Thai raw silks, taffetas and even velvet. These natural fabrics suggest sophistication and style, giving your guest the right impression from the beginning.

Each of the sumptuous fabrics is dyed to your colour specifications, so your celebration can come alive in any hue you want.



The final touch for any wedding invitation how it will be presented to the guest. Finishing the invitation box with luxurious satin ribbon, rhinestone and pearl clasps, and even monograms can lend the right touch. Your wedding favour boxes can be embellished the same way, thereby creating a consistent theme from the time your guests receive their invitations to the time they go home at the end of the celebration.

You will impress your guests with the attention to detail you have spent in designing the ultimate wedding boxes for invitations and favours.


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